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This book proposes an ethnographic approach to popular entrepreneurship based on the experience of the wageless life in Brazil. It starts from the historical premise that self-employment is at the heart of the popular way of life, whose main characteristic is the desire for autonomy. In turn, the global discourse of self-realisation carries a strong attempt at modernisation aimed at young people, but which is also capable of embarrassing older people. From the shopping streets, social entrepreneurship and Pentecostal cults, this process is giving shape to political conflicts that are redrawing the sense of community in São Paulo, the country's largest city.
Homo Mimeticus 2.0 in Art, Philosophy and Technics
Volume Editor:
It is tempting to affirm that on and about November 2022 (post)human character changed. The revolution in A.I. simulations certainly calls for an updated of the ancient realization that humans are imitative animals, or homo mimeticus. But the mimetic turn in posthuman studies is not limited to A.I.: from simulation to identification, affective contagion to viral mimesis, robotics to hypermimesis, the essays collected in this volume articulate the multiple facets of homo mimeticus 2.0. Challenging rationalist accounts of autonomous originality internal to the history of Homo sapiens, this volume argues from different—artistic, philosophical, technological—perspectives that the all too human tendency to imitate is, paradoxically, central to our ongoing process of becoming posthuman.
Challenges and Culturally Sensitive Practice
This innovative book in English provides a thorough and compassionate examination of the lives of Syrian refugees in Jordan, as well as their families. It will equip mental health professionals with the necessary skills to effectively intervene when working with this vulnerable population.
What distinguishes this book is its emphasis on the unique challenges that arise from the relationship between Jordanian locals and Syrian refugees, as well as how mental health practitioners can navigate these complexities. It sheds light on the obstacles that such practitioners face in their work and offers valuable insights into how to overcome them.
Twenty-Four Essays on the Social History of American Art