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Between Disruption and Encounter
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Global Catholicism: Between Disruption and Encounter opens the Studies in Global Catholicism series with an examination of a worldwide religious institution that up to now has been more globally extensive than truly globalized. It explores the world historical and theological meaning of de-Europeanization with church data by world region. Readers get an in-depth look at the institutional and theological capacity and limits of the cosmopolitan reality of today’s Catholic Church. Its integrated perspective, grounded in cultural and political history together with an ecclesiology of post-Vatican II Catholicism, offers a new way to approach today’s emerging post-colonial, inter-cultural Global Catholicism as centuries-old trajectories are disrupted and pressing new realities demand original responses.
Today, the majority of the world's Christian population lives in the Global South. Knowledge of their history is therefore indispensable. This textbook offers a compact and vivid overview of the history of Christianity in Asia, Africa and Latin America since 1450, focussing on diversity and interdependence, local actors and global effects. Maps, illustrations and numerous photos as well as continuous references to easily accessible source texts support the reader's own reading and its use in various forms of academic teaching.
Benjamin Bailey and the CMS in the Ecclesiastical Development of Travancore
In this book you will learn of the unheralded CMS missionary Benjamin Bailey. You willl hear the story through unpublished archive material combined with rare accounts from an Indian perspective. You will see how church reformation in India was aided by Western involvement but retained indepence from it. You will learn how the story of colonial politics and church reform are intertwined but never straightforward. For practitioners today there is much food for thought in this account.
A Historical-Theological Study of the Jesuit Mission to China, 1552–1773
This book integrates history, theology, and art and analyzes the Jesuits’ cross-cultural mission in late imperial China. Readers will find a rich collection of resources from historical sites, museums, manuscripts, and archival materials, including previous unpublished works of art. The production and circulation of art from different historical periods and categories show the artistic, theological, and missional values of Christian art. It highlights European Jesuits, Asian Christians, transnationalism, and gives voice to Chinese Christian women and their patronage of art in the seventeenth century. It offers a rare systematic study of the relation between art and mission history.
How did Anglicans read the Bible 200 years ago? This book invites you into the world of nineteenth-century Anglican biblical interpretation. It draws on sermons, memoirs, and commentaries to show the interesting, compelling, and sometimes confusing ways that Anglicans read the Bible. The book contains new research on Charles Simeon, Benjamin Jowett, John Keble, Christina Rossetti, F.D. Maurice, Richard Chenevix Trench, and many others.
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In: Journal of Chinese Theology
In: Anglican Biblical Interpretation in the Nineteenth Century
In: Anglican Biblical Interpretation in the Nineteenth Century
In: Anglican Biblical Interpretation in the Nineteenth Century