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Intimations of the Local in a Globalised World
Volume Editors: and
This volume examines how Indigenous theatre and performance from Oceania has responded to the intensification of globalisation from the turn of the 20th to the 21st centuries. It foregrounds a relational approach to the study of Indigenous texts, thus echoing what scholars such as Tui Nicola Clery have described as the stance of a “Multi-Perspective Culturally Sensitive Researcher.” To this end, it proposes a fluid vision of Oceania characterized by heterogeneity and cultural diversity calling to mind Epeli Hau‘ofa’s notion of “a sea of islands.”

Taking its cue from the theories of Deleuze and Guattari, the volume offers a rhizomatic, non-hierarchical approach to the study of the various shapes of Indigeneity in Oceania. It covers Indigenous performance from Aotearoa/New Zealand, Hawai’i, Samoa, Rapa Nui/Easter Island, Australia and the Torres Strait Islands. Each chapter uses vivid case histories to explore a myriad of innovative strategies responding to the interplay between the local and the global in contemporary Indigenous performance. As it places different Indigenous cultures from Oceania in conversation, this critical anthology gestures towards an “imparative” model of comparative poetics, favouring negotiation of cultural difference and urging scholars to engage dialogically with non-European artistic forms of expression.
Representing the Shadows of the City of Light
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This volume invites you to wander in the shadows of the city of light and discover another, often invisible and silent, Paris. Its chapters explore Parisian margins, including various populations, spaces and practices, as represented in French literature and cinema since 1800. You will get a pick at the Parisians’ criminal activities and nocturnal lives in the 19th-century. You will witness how industrialization and capitalism between the 1850s and the 1970s reshaped the socioeconomic map of Paris by creating or reinforcing spaces of social inequity. You will also meet marginalized groups that are often ignored or neglected in today’s Paris—and the French society—, including the LGBTQ+, black and immigrant communities.
Approaches to Late Antique and Early Byzantine Tales
This interdisciplinary and comparative volume offers a systematic approach to the early Greek tale. Bringing similarities and differences between ancient Greek and early Byzantine tales to the fore, this volume thus creates new knowledge in the fields of classics, medieval studies, and literary studies. Its chapters discuss the theory and poetics of tales, the art of storytelling, inherent features of the tale, and the arrangement, types, and characteristics of tales in collections. The chapter authors base their approaches on a rich variety of texts and writers that are here discussed for the first time in one volume.

Contributors are: Andria Andreou, Stavroula Constantinou, Julia Doroszewska, Christian Høgel, Markéta Kulhánková, Ingela Nilsson, Nicolò Sassi, and Sophia Xenophontos.
Das vierbändige Werk „Eine Globalgeschichte der Lyrik“ rekonstruiert die Geschichte der Lyrik aus den Quellen. Es nimmt die Lyrik in allen schriftlich dokumentierten Sprachen in den Blick und erfasst einen Zeitraum von ca. 4500 Jahren. Das Werk zeigt mit wissenschaftlichen Mitteln, seit wann, wo überall, wie genau und wozu es diese Art der Sprachverwendung eigentlich gab und gibt, die wir als ‚Lyrik‘ bezeichnen. Die Globalgeschichte der Lyrik ist darüber hinaus ein Beitrag zur Epistemologie des komparatistischen Kulturvergleiches und stellt ein Modell für komparatistische globale Literaturgeschichtsschreibung dar.
Gegenstand des ersten Bandes ist die Lyrik zwischen ca. 2500 v.u.Z. und ca. 1500 u.Z. – von den Anfängen im Alten Orient bis zum europäischen Mittelalter. Der zweite Band knüpft an die Untersuchung von Lyriken in unterschiedlichen Sprachräumen und Schriftkulturkreisen an und behandelt den Zeitraum zwischen ca. 1500 und ca. 1800 u. Z. Der dritte Teil der Untersuchung befasst sich mit der globalen Lyrik zwischen ca. 1800 und der Gegenwart und der zunehmenden Verflechtung der Lyriken miteinander. Der vierte Teil schließt die Globalgeschichte als Registerband ab.

Das Werk wird voraussichtlich August 2023 als XML-basierte Datenbank auf der BrillOnline Reference Works Plattform zur Verfügung stehen.