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The African American Novel in the Early Twenty-First Century comprises fourteen essays, each focussing on recent, widely known fiction by acclaimed African American authors. This volume showcases the originality, diversity, and vitality of contemporary African American literature, which has reached a bewildering yet exhilarating stage of disruption and continuity between today and yesterday, homegrown and diasporic identities, and local and global interrelatedness. Additionally, it delves into the complexity of the Black literary imagination and its interaction with broader cultural contexts. Lastly, it reflects on the evolution of the African American community, its tribulations, triumphs, challenges, and prospects.
Expanding on a major public program of April 2021, this volume presents wide-ranging perspectives on the legacies of the Dutch Atlantic slave trade within and beyond museum walls. Contributions by curators, academics, activists, artists, and poets consider this history as reflected in the arts of Europe, the Americas, Africa, and the Black diaspora more broadly, together illuminating how art museums may function as liberatory spaces working against systemic injustice.
The debate on “sustainable development”, ecosocialism, agroecology and the production of healthy food is increasing in Europe and in the world.
This book depicts peasants' struggles for the resistance to the advance of destructive production. It also socializes the results of research, which shows us the pressage of alternative forms of labour, which are based upon agroecology, in cooperation and corporativism besides the emergence of agroecology schools of one of the main social movements of the present time: the Landless Movement.
Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is a unique region, with a sharply changing political and ideological orientation from a “left turn” to a “right curve", which means it is difficult to build stable and predictable international relations with the region. At the beginning of the 21st century, we witnessed a sharp increase in interest in LAC from extra-regional powers that, due to historical, cultural and geographical factors, traditionally did not have strong ties with the region.

The 2020s is a time of competitive and systemic rivalry, when the value of each individual partnership, union, or alliance is increasing. In this regard, this wave of interest in LAC is not caused by a desire to expand trade and investment presence, but by the desire of new actors in the Americas to use the region to gain greater global geopolitical influence. This book addresses the question: What role do the extra-regional actors—the US, China, the EU, and Russia—play in the new system of international relations formed in LAC at the beginning of the 21st century? Ultimately, the book opens up a new multilateral perspective on the role and place of LAC in global processes in the context of the interaction and confrontation between the worldviews of the West and the non-West.
Brazilian and Pakistani Lived Experiences in Australia
The book explains how honour consciousness shapes the lives of Brazilian and Pakistani women in their countries of origin, and the relationship between honour, religion and gender highlighting the question: is honour consciousness experienced differently by men and women? In this book, I explore how lived experiences of honour consciousness and religion in Brazil and Pakistan are hybridised and operate on a spectrum and are manifested through gender power relations and demonstrated through “moderate” and “extreme” notions of honour consciousness, and how these are transmitted to Australia. These concepts give a new epistemological perspective to the use of Hegel and Foucault within gender studies.