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This book is the first to explore the rich festival culture of late sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century France as a tool for diplomacy. Bram van Leuveren examines how the late Valois and early Bourbon rulers of the kingdom made conscious use of festivals to advance their diplomatic interests in a war-torn Europe and how diplomatic stakeholders from across the continent participated in and responded to the theatrical and ceremonial events that featured at these festivals. Analysing a large body of multi-lingual eyewitness and commemorative accounts, as well as visual and material objects, Van Leuveren argues that French festival culture operated as a contested site where the diplomatic concerns of stakeholders from various national, religious, and social backgrounds fought for recognition.
The UK has demonstrated its preference for intergovernmental rather than supranational relations. Nonetheless, 47 years of EU membership have involved unparalleled restrictions on its sovereignty, which have triggered the attempt to ‘take back control’ through its withdrawal. This book shows how the British left us with valuable lessons on the legal and procedural constraints to EU withdrawal, which have led to a post-Brexit Britain that continues bound by the important supranational features that have transcended its abandoned membership into its new relationship with the EU.
The Responsibility to Protect and Counter-Terrorism both ‘came of age’ at the turn of the millennium, as the international community was grappling with the challenges emerging from the end of the Cold War. R2P embraced the value of the individual, while counter-terrorism emphasized the importance of the state. Each appeared to represent a distinct way of understanding security. However, as these two concepts have evolved through contestation, application, and reform, surprising points of conflict and congruence have emerged which open up new ways of understanding what it means to protect both civilians and the state.

This collection of essays was first published in the journal Global Responsibility to Protect (vols. 14 and 15, 2022 and 2023).
Ce volume édité offre des nouvelles perspectives sur la vie intérieure de l'Architecture africaine de paix et de sécurité (APSA) et présente aux spécialistes dand la domaine paix et securité africaine des approches épistémologiques, conceptuelles et méthodologiques innovantes. Basé sur une ouverture intellectuelle et un intérêt pour les perspectives transdisciplinaires, le volume remet en question les courants dominants, nous invitant à réfléchir sur les pratiques de recherche elles-mêmes. S'appuyant sur les perspectives des études globales et des études critiques internationales, les auteurs suivent des approches inductives et laissent les données empiriques enrichir leurs cadres théoriques et leurs outils conceptuels. Dans cette entreprise, ils se concentrent sur les acteurs, les pratiques et les discours impliqués qui donne forme aux institutions regionales. Les analyses ici-présentes examine les hypothèses qui informent habituellement les études sur le régionalisme et la gouvernance en Afrique.
From International Law to Geopolitics.
China claims Taiwan as a renegade province. While saying it prefers peaceful unification, it has consistently refused to renounce the use of force to incorporate the democratic island. Increasingly, Taiwan has become a potential flash point for military conflict between China and the United States. After exploring the historical roots of the Taiwan question, The State of Taiwan offers an in-depth analysis of the international legal status of Taiwan. An extensive epilogue throws the bridge between the international legal findings and geopolitics, and outlines the strategy the world’s democracies should adopt in light of those findings.
The history of rivers crossing the borders of rival countries, such as East and West Germany, China and Russia, the United States and its neighbors, has much to teach about international watercourse management. In the first book written in English about international watercourses on the Korean Peninsula, Yeonghwan Chang uses a study of foreign cases to propose a wide range of specific strategies and projects for efficient use of shared rivers on the Korean Peninsula. These strategies may also provide useful guidance for future cooperative projects between South Korea and North Korea.
Series Editor:
Geopolitics and International Relations is a new and unique platform where a debate is possible between and within different schools of thought in geopolitics and international relations. It is conceived deliberately as a zone in which geopolitics and international relations can connect with each other rather than closing themselves off into existing publications in their respective fields. It also points to the increasing relevance of territorially embedded factors in the analysis of today’s international relations. In addition, the series is open to contributions from scholars working in other fields, such as historians, geographers, economists, political scientists, psychologists, specialists in international law, etc.

Today, more and more analysts are using the concept "geopolitics", but they do not always clearly define it (sometimes using it merely as a synonym for "power politics"). Geopolitics and International Relations presents a clear opportunity to connect, and it offers opportunities to academics, students, and practitioners to learn from each other, as well as more comprehensive analyses on the geopolitical challenges that affect many dimensions of the politics of today and tomorrow (security, economy, energy, environment, technology, and diplomacy & foreign policy).

Manuscripts should meet a minimum length requirement of 80,000 words.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts by email to the publisher Jason Prevost. Please direct all other correspondence to Associate Editor Athina Dimitriou.

Authors will find general proposal guidelines at the Brill Author Gateway.


In this article, I argue the following: mediation can operate as an arena in which identities are reconstructed while the very occurrence of mediation can trigger and fuel processes of identity reconstruction. More precisely, the norms promoted through mediation can serve to reconstruct the identities of the conflict parties. I will make this claim by examining two contemporary instances of mediation in Syria and Yemen, cases which diverge in the third-party peacemaking approach taken. I investigate these cases by gathering and thematically analyzing an original qualitative dataset comprising 74 semi-structured interviews, 50 press conferences, and 110 official documents. My analysis challenges existing literature concerning the intertwinement of norms, identity, and mediation; contributes to our understanding of how identities in Syria and Yemen were transformed following the revolutions of 2011; and interrogates traditional understandings of the purpose and effects of mediation.

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In: International Negotiation
Studies in EU External Relations is a peer-reviewed book series dedicated to the legal, political, trade and historical aspects of the EU's relations with non-member states or regions or other international organisations.

Focusing on the EU's position and role in the world, the series covers the Union’s bilateral as well as its multilateral relations with third countries. This coverage extends to institutional, legal and political issues on or affecting external relations, as well as to specific sectoral substantive topics, including migration, defence or trade matters for example. The series also includes monographs on the external dimension of substantive domestic EU policies (competition, environment, etc). In addition, the series welcomes studies on various facets of the EU enlargement phenomenon and the European Neighbourhood Policy.

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Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to Marie Sheldon.

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In: International Journal of Parliamentary Studies