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In: Piero di Cosimo
In: Maṇḍalas in the Making
In: The Shroud at Court
In: Janello Torriani and the Spanish Empire
In: Why Look at Plants?

This chapter first discusses the fundamental methodological problem of performing research and writing history in a postcolonial world. It reflects patterns of hegemony and epistemic violence, questions objectivity, and discusses the limits of our understanding of the Mesoamerican Other. This chapter briefly presents the available sources about Nahua culture and analyzes the main historiographical challenges. The theoretical background of the study is introduced, including the approaches of the Aesthetics of Religion, Visual Religion, and Material Religion, as well as the research on “sacred scripture” and material text practices. The study’s objectives are delineated and problems of inter- and multi-disciplinarity discussed.

In: Aztec Religion and Art of Writing