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In: Apocalyptic Cartography
In: Apocalyptic Cartography
In: The Most Magnificent and Largest Globes of Blaeu, the World's Greatest Globe Maker
In: Apocalyptic Cartography
In: Apocalyptic Cartography
In: Apocalyptic Cartography
In: An Ottoman Cosmography
Essays Commemorating the Quadricentennial of His Death, 1598-1998
With an introduction by Leon Voet, and with 20 contributions by Günter Schilder, Rodney Shirley, Dennis Reinhartz, H.A.M. van der Heijden, Marijke Spies and others.
In: Frames that Speak: Cartouches on Early Modern Maps


The geographic works of Matteo Ricci and Ferdinand Verbiest are well-known in the field of cartographic and Chinese studies. The historic connections between the two are also quite clear. This chapter explores geographic treatises and maps by other Jesuit cartographers produced between the appearance of the Ricci and Verbiest maps. The most prominent authors are Martino Martini and Giulio Aleni. The first compiled the Novus Atlas Sinensis (Amsterdam, 1655), the second drafted a world map titled Wanguo quantu [Complete Map of Ten Thousand Countries], 1620 as well as a treatise on world geography, the Zhifang waiji [Unofficial Records on the Foreign Countries] (Hangzhou, 1623) that was originally thought of as a supplement to and explanation of Ricci’s world map. Also covered is the production of Sabatino de Ursis, Diego de Pantoja, Francesco Sambiasi, Niccolò Longobardi, Manuel Diaz, Ludovico Buglio, and Gabriel de Magalhaens, who alongside Chinese scholars and converts contributed to the mapping of China during the course of the 17th century in China.

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In: Reimagining the Globe and Cultural Exchange: The East Asian Legacies of Matteo Ricci's World Map