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In Tanzania Traditional Medicine (TM) provides primary health services to more than 60% of the population. Tanzania incorporated TM into the 1996 Health Policy and enacted the Traditional Medicine Act, 2002, to formalise TM practices. This article argues that the legal and policy frameworks guiding the provision of health services in the country undermine the practices of Traditional Health Practitioners (THPs) with respect to the provision of primary health services in the rural areas. This study was conducted in Bukoba District, Tanzania, to find out how TM coexisted with the biomedical system in the provision of health services. Data was collected by reviewing the National Health Policy and the Traditional Medicine Act, 2002, observing the facilities that THPs used and interviewing 50 respondents who were purposefully selected. The findings of the study revealed that the government didn’t fund TM, that there was no proper administrative coordination of TM, poor representation of THPs in the TM administration organs and that THPs were unaware of the laws that guided their practices. We recommend reviewing the health policy to includes a detailed administrative structure for TM, a source of funds for TM and proper representation of THPs in the TM administration organs.

In: The African Review


Accurate information about the number of cats living outdoors and how they respond to different kinds of management are necessary to quell debates about outdoor cat policy. The DC Cat Count will develop the tools and methodologies needed to realize this possibility and make them available for broader use. This three-year initiative represents a major collaboration between animal welfare organizations and wildlife scientists. Its unique and innovative approach is to use the best scientific methods to quantify all subpopulations of cats in the District of Columbia (outdoor, owned, and shelter cats), concurrently test and optimize simpler methods that can be used to measure cat populations by diverse users at scale, and identify the types of interventions that are likely to accomplish desired outcomes most efficiently. Ultimately, we believe that this approach is more likely to improve outcomes for both cats and wildlife than a continuation of the status quo.

In: Society & Animals

Muuse Yuusuf. 2021. The Genesis of the Civil War in Somalia: The Impact of Foreign Military Intervention on the Continent. London, New York. Oxford. New Delhi, Sydney: I.B. Tauris. i–ix; 255 pp; hardback. Price not stated. ISBN: 978-0-7556-2709-7.

Josephine Beoku-Betts & Fredline A. M’Cormack-Hale. Editors. 2022. War, Women and Post-Conflict Empowerment: Lessons from Sierra Leone. i–xxii, 282. ISBN: 978-1-78699-693-0.

Both books are about aspects of war in Africa, the second largest continent. The Genesis of the Civil War in Somalia: The Impact of Foreign Military Intervention on the Continent by

In: African and Asian Studies