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Epistemic Vice

Transgression in the Arabian Travels of Julius Euting

Henning Trüper

German Indology Challenged

On the Dialectics of Armchair Philology, Fieldwork, and Indigenous Traditions in the Late Nineteenth Century

Pascale Rabault-Feuerhahn

Multiple Personae

Friedrich Max Müller and the Persona of the Oriental Scholar

Arie L. Molendijk

Orientalism and the Study of Lived Religions

The Japanese Contribution to European Models of Scholarship on Japan around 1900

Hans Martin Krämer

Orientalists at War

Personae and Partiality at the Outbreak of the First World War

Christiaan Engberts

The Prussian Professor as a Paradigm

Trying to “Fit In” as a Semitist between 1870 and 1930

Holger Gzella


Constantin Iordachi