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Les C.R.I.N. (Cahiers de recherche des instituts néerlandais de langue et de littérature française) réunissent, sans périodicité fixe, des travaux d’analyse littéraire.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to the publisher at BRILL, Christa Stevens.
Faux Titre est une collection d’études en littérature française. Depuis cinquante ans déjà, elle offre une sélection d’essais de haute envergure, couvrant l’ensemble du domaine de la recherche littéraire, de la littérature médiévale jusqu’à l’extrême contemporain. La collection offre également une plate-forme pour de nouvelles pistes de recherche comme les études de traduction, les littératures minoritaires, les études du genre et queer, l'écologie, les sciences humaines médicales, études hémisphériques, études transatlantiques, études de réseaux et sciences sociales, ainsi que des réflexions sur les études en littérature française en tant que discipline.

Faux Titre is a longstanding book series for state-of-the-art research in the field of French-language literature(s). Besides the more classical research in French literature, covering the field of Medieval Studies to XXIth century literature, the series offers a platform for new directions in literary studies in relation to translation studies, minority literatures, gender and queer studies, ecology, medical humanities, hemispheric studies, transatlantic studies, network studies and social sciences, as well as reflections on studies in French literature as a discipline.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to the publisher at BRILL, Christa Stevens.
Please advise our Guidelines for a Book Proposal.
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The series ‘IFAVL’ (International Research in General and Comparative Literature) is a platform for peer reviewed scholarly research in Comparative Literature Studies with a focus on European literatures. Featured in the series are works that explore a variety of topics and concepts across a broad disciplinary range, such as cosmopolitanisms, postcolonialism, multimedia, gender, cultural memory, aesthetics, and literary politics.

From 2005 onward, the series ‘Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft’" will appear as a joint publication by Brill and, for editions in German, Weidler Buchverlag, Berlin.

In this series, authors and editors are asked to follow the MHRA style guide.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals for manuscripts to the publisher at BRILL, Masja Horn and Iulia Ivana.

Please advise our Guidelines for a Book Proposal.
The BRILL series Studies in Slavic Literature and Poetics occupies a unique place in the academic and intellectual book market due to its emphasis on theoretically informed and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of Slavic literatures and cultures.
The series welcomes book proposals for monographs or edited volumes discussing questions of Slavic culture, identity and history as expressed in literature, film and other forms of cultural production.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to the publisher at BRILL, Masja Horn.

Thamyris seeks to initiate alternative forms of criticism by analysing the ways in which cultural and theoretical discourses intervene in the contemporary world. This criticism should pursue a re-politicizing and remobilizing of theoretical perspectives and cultural practices, preferably through case studies. Thamyris hopes to contribute to the productive interaction between art, activism, and theory. We understand cultural practices to include those of literary, visual, digital, and performance arts, but also social practices related to gender, sexuality, and ethnicity. In short, Thamyris aims at exploring the ways in which varying cultural practices, separately or in interaction, can be effective as agents of social and cultural change.
This book's primary task is to test the contemporary value of performance and performativity. Performative Identities in Culture: From Literature to Social Media undertakes this task via a host of chapters on a vast spectrum of performativity-related topics such as: literature (British, American, Welsh), film, art, social media, and sports. Within these contexts, the book raises a number of questions relevant today. How is minority culture constructed and performed in literature? How can one manifest identity in multicultural contexts? How has performativity been transformed in audiovisual media, like film, video games and social media? And, can the digital itself be performative?
Visualität in der literarischen Geschichtsdarstellung
„Geschichte zerfällt in Bilder, nicht in Geschichten“ – so verwies Walter Benjamin bereits 1940 auf die Relevanz von Visualität für die Darstellung von Geschichte. Benjamin hat damit vorweggenommen, was sich in der Folge nicht nur zunehmend im wissenschaftlichen, sondern auch im literarischen Diskurs etabliert hat: Zwischen verschiedenen Medien können Varianten des Zusammenspiels bestehen und besonders die Darstellung vergangener Realität gewinnt durch den textuellen Rekurs auf Visualität an Aussagekraft. Für die Darstellung von Geschichte im postmodernen historischen Roman bietet der Rekurs auf Modi visueller Repräsentation und auf Zuschreibungsmerkmale fotografischer und filmischer Visualität einen signifikanten Mehrwert. Narratologische Aspekte sind bei der Analyse entsprechender Werke ebenso zu beachten wie deren Auseinandersetzung mit den Aporien der traditionellen Historiografie. In diesem Band wird ein hierauf zugeschnittenes Analyse- und Beschreibungsmodell vorgestellt.
Experimental translation has been surging in popularity recently—with avant-garde translation at the combative forefront. But how to do it? How to read it?
Translator, Touretter plays on the Italian dictum traduttore, traditore—“translator, traitor”—to mobilize the affective intensity of Tourettic tics as a practical guide to making and reading avant-garde translations. It smashes the theoretical literature on the sublime from Longinus to Kant into Motherless Brooklyn, both the 1999 novel by Jonathan Lethem and its 2019 screen adaptation by Edward Norton, in order to generate out of their collision a series of models—visual, aural/oral, and kinesthetic—for avant-garde literary translation.
Series Editor:
Brill Research Perspectives in Critical Theory offers a comprehensive reference resource for scholars and students working in the areas of cultural and literary theory, aesthetics, philosophy, political and social theory. Critical thought about literature, society, ethics, and culture has become vital to the interdisciplinary dialogue across the humanities and social sciences. This book series provides state-of-the-art overviews and concise research monographs on the main issues and figures in critical theory understood in its broadest terms. The series also aims to offer a forum for exploring the most current trends in critical theory and the theoretical agenda for rethinking the future of the humanities.

More information on the Brill Research Perspectives concept and format can be found here.
Published in cooperation with The Joseph Conrad Society (UK), the series Conrad Studies makes available rare or out-of-print items of Conradiana, collections of documentary and other historical materials and resources as well as criticism that has achieved classic status.

Authors can also submit proposals to the publisher at BRILL, Masja Horn.