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Italy, Greece, France and Finland as Historical Contexts
Volume Editor:
What can you learn about the impact of war on archaeology and museums in past conflicts such as World War II? What was the role of state authorities in protecting antiquities in some European contexts? This volume assesses a variety of targeted, vital case studies providing genuine and fresh data (even unpublished pictures and archival records).

For instance, contributions detail on the military requisition of the National Museum of Naples, the burial of artefacts in the National Museum of Athens basement, a little-known military excavation in Milazzo (Sicily), 'wararchaeology' of Crete and the rescue of war remains in Finnish Lapland.
This series offers art-historical and interdisciplinary approaches to how art was conceived, produced, and received across Europe, from the early medieval to the early modern. It pays particular attention to the social, cultural, religious, and political history of the period as seen through contemporary visual and material culture.

The series is interested in all areas of European artistic life in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Work in the series explores art forms such as painting, sculpture, architecture, textiles, glass, metalwork, ceramics, ephemera, spatial strategies, and more. Themes of study may include emotions, the senses, devotional practices, the environment, animals, bodies, otherness, religious and social changes, literacy (written and visual), protest, and issues of class, race, and gender, to name only a few. Interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and comparative work is also warmly welcomed. The series publishes monographs, edited thematic collections, and reference works.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to either the series editors, Professor Sarah Blick and Professor Laura D. Gelfand or the Publisher at Brill, Dr Kate Hammond.

Brill is in full support of Open Access publishing and offers the option to publish your monograph, edited volume, or chapter in Open Access. Our Open Access services are fully compliant with funder requirements. We support Creative Commons licenses. For more information, please visit Brill Open or contact us at
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Taiwan Studies is a relatively new yet rapidly growing field. This series, founded by the late J. Bruce Jacobs, publishes the results of high quality, groundbreaking research that provides new insights into Taiwan. Monographs and edited books from all disciplines, as well as cross-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research, are welcome. The series also welcomes submissions of translated work that presents the Taiwan intellectual world to English readers, as well as comparative research where Taiwan is an important component is also welcome. The target audience consists of academics as well as general readers and policy makers.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals following these guidelines by email to the publisher, Stephanie Carta.
This book's primary task is to test the contemporary value of performance and performativity. Performative Identities in Culture: From Literature to Social Media undertakes this task via a host of chapters on a vast spectrum of performativity-related topics such as: literature (British, American, Welsh), film, art, social media, and sports. Within these contexts, the book raises a number of questions relevant today. How is minority culture constructed and performed in literature? How can one manifest identity in multicultural contexts? How has performativity been transformed in audiovisual media, like film, video games and social media? And, can the digital itself be performative?