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Proceedings of the Sixteenth International Symposium of the Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature, Cosponsored by the University of Vienna, New York University, the Israel Antiquities Authority, and the Israel Museum
The Sixteenth Orion Symposium celebrated seventy years of Dead Sea Scrolls research under the theme, “Clear a path in the wilderness!” (Isaiah 40:3). Papers use the wilderness rubric to address the self-identification of the Qumran group; dimensions of religious experience reflected in the Dead Sea writings; biblical interpretation as shaper and conveyor of that experience; the significance of the Qumran texts for critical biblical scholarship; points of contact with the early Jesus movement; and new developments in understanding the archaeology of the Qumran caves. The volume both honors past insights and charts new paths for the future of Qumran studies.
Since the publication of the Septuagint in the 3rd century BCE, scholars have attempted to describe the types of stones that populate the biblical text. Modern academic scholars rely on ancient translations despite the contradictions and historical implausibility which manifests. Abandoning the ancient translations, this study synthesizes comparative linguistics with the archeogemological corpus. By ascertaining valid cognates, the Hebrew stone names may be equated with names in ancient languages which correspond with known species of stones. This allows us to confirm the identities of the stones mentioned in the biblical text and place them into historical context.
Prayer in the Ancient World is the resource on prayer in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean. With over 350 entries it showcases a robust selection of the range of different types of prayers attested from Mesopotamia, Egypt, Anatolia, the Levant, early Judaism and Christianity, Greece, Rome, Arabia, and Iran, enhanced by critical commentary.

The Prayer in the Ancient World will also be available online.

Preview of the 'Prayer in the Ancient World’, 2022
This series, which began publication with M. Hengel's Die Zeloten in 1961, includes monographs and collections of essays on a range of topics, typically focussing on points of controversy or mutual influence between Judaism and Christianity in the first centuries of our era. Recent titles published in the series have included important studies of Josephus, of the Jewish background of Paul's writings, and of the historical Jesus in his Jewish context.
Studies in the Syriac Versions of the Bible and their Cultural Contexts
Scholarly studies on the Syriac translations of the Old and New testament.

The series published three volumes over the last 5 years.
The electronic version of the Oudtestamentische Studiën, Old Testament Studies series.

Almost 75 years ago, the first volume of Oudtestamentische studiën/Old Testament Studies (OTS) was published by Brill (Leiden). Originally, this series published on behalf of the Society for Old Testament Studies in the Netherlands. From 2009 on, OTS publishes on behalf of the Societies for Old Testament Studies in the Netherlands and Belgium (OTW), South Africa (OTSSA), the United Kingdom and Ireland (SOTS).
The series presents high quality volumes – both monographs and edited volumes – on linguistic, textual, historical and theological topics pertaining to the Old Testament.
Scripture as Written and Read in Antiquity
The Pericope series aims at making available data on unit delimitation found in biblical and related manuscripts to the scholarly world and provides a platform for evaluating hitherto largely neglected evidence for the benefit of biblical interpretation. The series has been discontinued with Brill and has been transferred to
The Peshitta, the Syriac translation of the Old Testament, was made on the basis of the Hebrew text during the second century CE, whilst some books outside the Hebrew canon may have been translated at a later stage on the basis of a Greek text. It is an important source for our knowledge of the text of the Old Testament. Its language is also of great interest to linguists. Moreover, as Bible of the Syriac Churches it is used in sermons, commentaries, poetry, prayers, and hymns. Many terms specific to the spirituality of the Syriac Churches have their origins in this ancient and reliable version. The present edition, published by the Peshitta Institute of the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam on behalf of the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament, is the first scholarly edition of this text. It presents the evidence of all known ancient manuscripts and gives full introductions to the individual books.

The series published an average of two volumes per year over the last 5 years (update 2017).
This series publishes authoritative text editions of the so-called "Old Testament Pseudepigrapha", apocalyptic and apocryphal works written by Jews and Christians in the "intertestamental" period and the early centuries of our era.