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Reading the Letter of James in the Ancient Greek Commentary Tradition
The Catena to James (compiled ca. 700 CE) collected excerpts from the best ancient Greek commentaries on the Letter of James, ranging from Origen to Maximus the Confessor. This translation and commentary make the whole Catena available for the first time in a modern language.
An extensive introduction locates the Catena both in its own historical and literary context and in the context of modern catena studies. The detailed commentary elucidates the wide-ranging and sophisticated nature of the philological, historical-critical, rhetorical, ethical, theological, and pastoral insights of these ancient readers of James.
This book series is designed to offer texts and editions, with commentary and comment, of important sources for the study of the New Testament and its world. Primary sources are envisioned as a mainstay of the series, in which documents that enlighten and support New Testament study are published in definitive, accessible and informative editions, often with supporting commentary. Collections of essays and monographs, that focus upon these types of important sources and advance the scholarly discussion, are also welcome.

The series has published an average of one volume per year over the last 5 years.
In his ‘Project of the New Testament’ Erasmus also wrote a running commentary on all New Testament books, except Revelation, in the form of a paraphrase. In this volume, the Paraphrase on John – Latin text with critical apparatus, and English introduction and commentary, is edited. In the paraphrase, Erasmus turns out to be a mature interpreter of the Bible, who advocated a new Christianity, which he called ‘the philosophy of Christ’, and implicitly criticized the clergy of his own age.