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From 1368 to 1953, China's administrative divisions were mainly composed of counties, prefectures, and provinces. This book shows the population figures, density, and changes in the provincial population in China during this period and population figures of each major city and town and its proportion in terms of the provincial population during this period―the urbanization rate. Data in this book is drawn partly from historical sources and partly from statistical-model-based calculations. The book also includes provincial population maps in 1393, and their original statistical models, population databases, and metadata.
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This book is the first to deal with documentary aesthetic practices of the post-war period in Eastern Europe in a comparative perspective. The contributions examine the specific forms and modes of documentary representations and the role they played in the formation of new aesthetic trends during the cultural-political transition of the long 1960s. This documentary first-hand approach to the world aimed to break up unquestioned ideological structures and expose tabooed truths in order to engender much-needed social changes. New ways of depicting daily life, writing testimony or subjective reportage emerged that still shape cultural debates today.
The Case of Andalusia in the Spanish Hydrological Context
This book analyses the origin and evolution of the water supply service in Andalusia (southern Spain) between 1800 and 2020 from several perspectives. It does so from a historical perspective, to understand the evolution of the service over the years; from an economic perspective, as it is very useful to obtain an overview of the level of efficiency of the service; from a legislative perspective, as the regulatory framework of each era determines the models of management and provision of the service; and, finally, from an ecological and environmental perspective, of great importance in the New Water Culture and the protection of this resource. The volume's main objective is to contribute to the extension of knowledge and analysis of the processes of municipalisation and/or privatisation of this service in Andalusia, with the aim of providing those responsible for local governments and administrations, both political and technical, with useful reflection and illustrative information on the use of municipalisation and/or privatisation as instruments for the reform of the local public sector.

Contributors are: María Ana Bernardo, Ana Cardoso de Matos, José Escalante Jiménez, Antonio Rafael Fernández-Paradas, Mercedes Fernández-Paradas, Leticia Gallego Valero, Víctor Manuel Heredia-Flores, Carlos Larrinaga, Nuria Magaldi, Alberte Martínez-López, Juan Manuel Matés-Barco, Jesús Mirás Araujo, Encarnación Moral Pajares, Jesús Raúl Navarro García, Nuria Rodríguez Martín, and María Vázquez-Fariñas.
Exploring the conditions of news reporting in today’s information-flooded society, Observing News and Media in a Complex Society looks into the strands of systems theoretical studies of the mass media, journalism and the empirical studies of inter-media agenda setting. Journalism is increasingly exposed to diverse perception and facing its selectivity observed by the public. Considering this context, this book focuses on the movement of solution-oriented journalism, which seeks a new way to answer the question “what is journalism for?” and invites us to expand our understanding of media’s societal role in the societal process of problem-solving and meaning construction.
Domestic Women and Slavery in Tetouan (19th - 20th centuries)
This book sheds light on the final process of slavery in Morocco, unraveling the contemporary roots of servility and stereotypes about blackness in the Arab world. Unlike other generalist analyses, this research focuses on the practice of servitude through a case study in the city of Tetouan. Until well into the twentieth century, bought women arrived in the city to join the domestic labor market, also becoming signs of social distinction. This historical ethnography is paradigmatic in reconstructing the relations between masters and domestics of slave origin, putting names and faces to subaltern people to rescue them from oblivion.
Bibliomigration zwischen Deutschland und Polen seit 1939
Series:  FOKUS, Volume: 12
Volume Editor:
Millionen von polnischen Büchern wurden während des Zweiten Weltkriegs von Nazi-Deutschland in Polen zerstört oder gestohlen. Indessen migrierten im August 1945, im Zuge der Verlegung der deutsch-polnischen Grenze, Millionen von deutschen Büchern aus privaten, kirchlichen und öffentlichen Sammlungen nach Polen - in einen neuen national-kulturellen Kontext. Der Begriff "das Bibliomigratorische“ beschreibt sowohl die Reise dieser Bücher in Raum und Zeit als auch ihre sich wandelnde Semantisierung innerhalb geografischer, politischer, institutioneller und sprachlicher Räume. Seit nunmehr 75 Jahren sind diese Bücher Gegenstand zweier völlig verschiedener nationaler Erzählungen. Sie rufen dazu auf, als ein gemeinsames historisches Erbe begriffen zu werden und Ausgangspunkt für Forschungskooperationen und eine intensivierte deutsch-polnische kulturelle Kooperation zu sein.