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Volume Editor:
This volume presents essays analysing the ambivalent history of the globally influential political and social concept of community and the paradigms it has engendered in academia and politics. While the term ‘community’ often evokes positive sentiments, it is also linked to oppressive regimes and exclusion.

A survey of the term’s use is followed by studies of the sociologist Ferdinand Tönnies and of the use of the term in disciplines such as politics, applied linguistics, anthropology, literary theory, philosophy, and intellectual history. The volume concludes with an analysis of the application of the concept in politics in the UK, debates between liberals and communitarianists, utopianism, and African philosophy.

Contributors are: Niall Bond, Christopher Adair-Toteff, Daniel Alvaro, Alexander Wierzock, Sebastian Klauke, Antonin Cohen, Jan Buts, Stéphane Vibert, Rémi Astruc, Elisabeth Bouzonviller, Françoise Orazi, Andrew Vincent, Astrid von Busekist, Robert Kramm, and Thaddeus Metz.
The Uses of Archaeological Heritage in the Caribbean
What is the role of local Caribbean individuals and communities in creating and perpetuating archaeological heritage? How has archaeological knowledge been integrated into education plans in different countries? This book aims to fill a gap in both archaeological scholarship and popular knowledge by providing a platform for local Caribbean voices to speak about the archaeological heritage of their region. To achieve this, each chapter of the book focuses on identifying and developing strategies that academics, heritage practitioners, and non-scholars from the insular Caribbean can adopt to stimulate a necessary dialogue on how archaeological heritage is used and produced on various academic, political, and social levels.

Contributors are: Zara Ali, Arlene Álvarez, Lisette Roura Alvarez, Irvince Nanichi Auguiste, Victoria Borg O’Flaherty, Lornadale L. Charles, Eldris Con Aguilar, Raymundo A.C.F. Dijkhoff, Matthieu Ecrabet, Kevin Farmer, Cameron Gill, Eduardo Herrera Malatesta, Katarina Jacobson, Joseph Sony Jean, Debra Kay Palmer, Harold Kelly, Wilhelm Londoño Díaz, Stacey Mac Donald, Jerry Michel, Ashleigh John Morris, Andrea Richards, Kara M. Roopsingh, Pierre Sainte-Luce, Tibisay Sankatsing Nava, and Laurent Christian Ursulet.