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Legacy and Impact on the Transmission of al-Ghazālī’s (d. 505/1111) Thought in al-Andalus
Volume Editor:
Gathering the proceedings of a symposium organized on the occasion of the 900th anniversary of the qāḍī Ibn al-ʿArabī’s (d. 543/1148) passing, this volume brings together a diverse array of contributions highlighting his legacy, his relationship with his master al-Ghazālī (d. 505/1111), his unparalleled role in the transmission of Islamic knowledge in al-Andalus, and his lasting impact on various disciplines, including ḥadīth, theology, Islamic law, Quranic exegesis, legal theory, grammar, adab, and Sufism. This book, written by internationally recognized scholars, not only commemorates the scholarly legacy of Ibn al-ʿArabī but also illustrates how his intellectual teachings have shaped the landscape of Islamic thought in the Western Muslim world. Proudly, this book is the most accomplished reference bringing together recent advances on ongoing research around the qāḍī Ibn al-ʿArabī. Composed of articles written in English, Arabic and French, it will be of interest to specialists as well as the general public keen to learn more about the intellectual history of al-Andalus.

Rassemblant les actes d’un colloque organisé à l’occasion du 900e anniversaire de la disparition du qāḍī Ibn al-ʿArabī (m. 543/1148), ce volume réunit un large éventail de contributions mettant en lumière son héritage, sa relation avec son maître al-Ghazālī (m. 505/1111), son rôle sans pareil dans la transmission du savoir islamique en al-Andalus, et son impact durable sur diverses disciplines, y compris le ḥadīth, la théologie, le droit islamique, l'exégèse coranique, la théorie juridique, la grammaire, l'adab et le soufisme. Ecrit par des chercheurs internationaux, ce livre ne commémore pas seulement l'héritage savant d'Ibn al-ʿArabī mais illustre également comment ses enseignements intellectuels ont façonné le paysage de la pensée islamique dans le monde musulman occidental. Cet ouvrage est la référence la plus accomplie rassemblant les avancées récentes sur les recherches en cours autour du qāḍī Ibn al-ʿArabī. Composé d'articles rédigés en anglais, en arabe et en français, il intéressera tant les spécialistes que le grand public désireux d'en apprendre davantage sur l'histoire intellectuelle de l'Andalousie.

Contributors Mohammed Aalouane, Ilyass Amharar, Noureddine Elhmidy, Maribel Fierro, Kenneth Garden, Abdelghani Idaikal, Delfina Serrano-Ruano, Bruna Soravia, Jaafar Ben El Haj Soulami, and Abdallah Taourati.
حكاياتٌ شعبيةٌ قبطيةٌ من مصر العثمانيِّة سِيرة القِس نصير الإسْكندرانيِّ وابنِه مُرْقُس
These captivating Coptic Popular Tales from Ottoman Egypt delve into the lives of a Coptic priest, Nuṣayr, and his son Murqus, exploring religious duties, morality, and family dynamics. Unlike mainstream Ottoman literature, they offer a glimpse into Coptic society, discussing fasting, wealth, and societal norms. Through vivid narrative and biblical wisdom, the tales enrich theological studies and historical understanding, shedding light on the complexities of Coptic communal identity. Authored by an unknown Coptic clergyman, they stand as a testament to the intellectual and cultural vitality of eighteenth-century Egypt. From religious doctrines to everyday life, the tales offer a comprehensive view of Coptic history and tradition, serving as both literary treasures and pastoral guidance amidst external influences and internal transformations.

هذه الحكايات الشعبية القبطية المثيرة من مصر العثمانية تغوص في حياة كاهن قبطي يدعى نصير وابنه مرقس، مستكشفة الواجبات الدينية والأخلاق وديناميات العائلة. على عكس الأدب العثماني الرئيسي في ذلك الوقت، يقدم العمل نظرة على المجتمع القبطي، وتناقش مسائل الصيام والثروة والقيم الاجتماعية. من خلال السرد الحي والحكمة الكتابية، تثري هذه المجموعة الدراسات اللاهوتية و التاريخية، وتسلط الضوء على تعقيدات الهوية الجماعية القبطية. تروي الحكايات رحلة نصير ومرقس وهما يتنقلان في الحديث عن تحديات الصيام والثروة والقيم الاجتماعية، مشاركين في حوارات مؤثرة تعكس مواقف الأجيال داخل المجتمع القبطي. وتأتي هذه الحكايات ككنوز أدبية وإرشادات دينية كنسية وسط التأثيرات الخارجية والتحولات الداخلية.

Jews Passing as Gentiles in Post-WWII and Multicultural American Fiction
Racial passing has fascinated thousands of American readers since the end of the nineteenth century. However, the phenomenon of Jews passing as gentiles has been all but overlooked. This book examines forgotten novels depicting Jewish Americans masquerading as gentiles. Exploring two "waves" of publications of this subgenre—in the 1940s-1950s and 1990s-2000s—this book raises questions about the perceptions of Jewish difference during these periods.Looking at issues such as Whiteness, Americannes, gender, and race, it traces the changes in the representation of Jewish identity during the second half of the twentieth century and the beginning of the new millennium. Ohad Reznick’s Imagined Non-Jews is an important intervention in the scholarship on the literature of passing. This book also makes a significant contribution to Jewish American literary studies through thoughtful close readings of texts from the 1940s and 1950s, many of them little-known today, as well as multi-ethnic American fiction from the turn-of-the-21st-century, all of them featuring characters who conceal their Jewishness in order to pass for gentile. —Lori Harrison-Kahan, Boston College, author of The White Negress: Literature, Minstrelsy, and the Black-Jewish Imaginary
An edition, translation and study of al-Maqrīzī’s al-Bayān wa’l-iʿrāb ʿammā bi-arḍ Miṣr min al-aʿrāb
Volume Editors: and
Al-Bayān wa’l-iʿrāb ʿammā fī arḍ Miṣr min al-aʿrāb is an influential treatise on the Arab and Berber groups that inhabited the Egyptian countryside in the late medieval period. The work brings together al-Maqrīzī’s life-long preoccupation with the history of Egypt and his parallel interest in the history of the Arabs, pitting the lineage-based ideology of Arab rebels against the Mamluk elite of manumitted slaves. Over the past century, the Bayān has been repeatedly deployed in public debates about the Arab identity of Egypt. This book offers a critical study of the treatise in its fifteenth century context, an academic edition, and a first translation into English.
The Middle East, Africa and Asia
Modern Intellectual Trends is a peer reviewed book series that includes monographs, edited volumes, critical editions (for text from the pre-print age) in the original languages and scripts, and annotated translations on intellectual history from the 18th century to the present. The coverage includes philosophy, theology, hermeneutics, mysticism, views and debates on science and the so-called occult sciences, political thought, gender, legal theory, nahḍa studies, postcolonial studies, and adjacent areas, i.e. in intellectual history in the broadest sense. The series welcomes transregional and transcultural contributions.
The series will be open for publications on modern thought from the global south, with a special focus on the Middle East (Arab world, Turkey, Iran), but also the Balkans, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, as well as the Muslim diaspora. Submissions in Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and other non-Western languages, will also be considered, in addition to English, French, and German.
Since the advent of the reign of Mohammed VI in 1999, Morocco has deployed a new continental foreign policy. The Kingdom aspires to be recognized as an emerging African power in its identity as well as in its space of projection. In order to meet these ambitions, the diplomatic apparatus is developing and modernizing, while a singular role identity is emerging around the notion of the "golden mean". This study presents, on an empirical level, the conditions of the elaboration and conduct of this Africa policy, and analyzes, on a theoretical level, the evolution of the Moroccan role identity in the international system.