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Semiotics: Signs of the Times is Brill’s new series devoted to the study of semiotics across disciplines. This book series starts from the general idea of semiotic signs, divided into icons, indexes, and symbols. Semiotics gives meaning to signs, sign functions, and sign processes. It is also concerned with sign-users (senders and receivers) and how signs are transmitted from one organism to another. To give meaning happens in everyday experience as well as experimentation. Semiotics seeks to discover how the signs of language, gestures, visual images, music, dance, theater, as well as medical and psychological symptoms, architecture, and political theory embark with a theory of signs to give belief, values, and techniques which serve for theoretical foundations and interdisciplinary method in sciences and humanities.
Semiotics: Signs of the Times invites contributions on the newest trend of cultural research in linguistics, literature, fine arts, philosophy, biology, anthropology, folklore, technology, and other fields. The series is open to new synthesis of techniques of research, experiences, memories, and myth with new meanings.

Proposals for single-authored monographs and edited volumes are equally welcome.
All submissions are subject to a double anonymous peer-review process prior to publication.
Authors are equally invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to the publisher at BRILL, Christa Stevens.
Please advise our Guidelines for a Book Proposal.
BRILL strongly recommends the use of the MLA Handbook of Style or the Chicago Manual of Style for this series.
„Die Grenzen meiner Sprache bedeuten die Grenzen meiner Welt“. Was heißt es, dass ich ein sprachliches Wesen bin? Wie spreche ich über Liebe, tiefe Beunruhigungen, Glück und Schmerz? Ludwig Wittgenstein hat in seinem bedeutenden Werk das 20. Jahrhundert so beeinflusst, dass die Auffassung der Sprache danach eine andere war. Geboren 1889 in eine kultivierte Familie in Österreich, kannte Wittgenstein früh die Nuancen feinfühliger Unterscheidung und Weltwahrnehmung. Vom frühen Werk bis zu den späteren Überlegungen zu Sprachspiel, Lebensform, Regelfolgen und Grammatik zeigt er unsere Verbundenheit mit dem Medium der Sprache – es ist nicht nur Werkzeug der Vermittlung, sondern prägt von Grund auf, wer wir sind und wie wir unsere Umgebung wahrnehmen. Die Sprachanalyse ist die zentrale Methode seiner Philosophie. Das Ziel ist es, scheinbare Probleme der Philosophie als sprachliche Missverständnisse aufzulösen – und damit der Fliege den Weg aus dem Fliegenglas zu zeigen.
Essays on Pockets, Pouches and Secret Drawers
Volume Editors: , , and
This essay collection focuses on enclosure, deception and secrecy in three spatial areas – the body, clothing and furniture. It contributes to the study of private life and explores the micro-history of hidden spaces. The contents of pockets may prove a surer index to their owner’s real thoughts than anything they say; a piece of furniture with ingenious mechanisms created to conceal secrets may also reveal someone’s attempts to break in and thus give away as much as it holds. Though the book’s focus is on particular material or imagined objects, taken as a whole it exemplifies a range of interdisciplinary encounters between history, literary criticism, art history, philosophy, psychoanalysis, sociology, criminology, archival studies, museology and curating, and women’s studies.
Africana Philosophy is now soliciting manuscripts in all areas of Africana philosophy and on emerging paradigms within these traditions. These may be monographs or collective volumes. Monographs on Joyce Mitchell Cook, Angela Davis, Roy D. Morrison, William R. Jones, Charles Mills, Martin Luther King Jr., Paulin J. Hountondji, Sophie Oluwole, Kwasi Wiredu, Henry Odera Oruka, and others are welcome.
Studies investigating issues central to African American Philosophy and Africana Philosophy in general are also sought, as are studies that link African American Philosophy to other philosophic traditions and concerns.

The editors are particularly interested in monographs or collected works on the following:
- The Ecological Crises and the Future of the Human Species: Africana perspectives
- Africana Philosophical Theology and Philosophical Anthropology
- Africana Philosophy in the Americas – including Afro/Latina Philosophy
- Africana Philosophical Perspectives on Science and Religion

Prior to 2023, the volumes in Africana Philosophy were published as a subseries of the Value Inquiry Book Series. Please visit the African American Philosophy page to view previous publications.
Being Algae
Open Access
Transformations in Water, Plants
Water plants of all sizes, from the 60-meter long Pacific Ocean giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) to the micro ur-plant blue-green algae, deserve attention from critical plant studies. This is the first book in environmental humanities to approach algae, swimming across the sciences, humanities, and arts, to embody the mixed nature and collaborative identity of algae.
Ranging from Medieval Islamic texts describing algae and their use, Japanese and Nordic cultural practices based in seaweed and algae, and confronting the instrumentalization of seaweed to mitigate cow methane release and the hype of algal photobioreactors, amongst many other standpoints, this volume comprehensively addresses the ancestors of terrestrial plants through appreciating their unique aquatic medium.