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Series Editors: Jutta Ernst and Oliver Scheiding
Studies in Periodical Cultures (SPC) contributes to the bourgeoning field of periodical studies, exploring magazines, newspapers, and other forms of serialized media in (trans)national contexts. Research into periodicals is of high interest to many because of the medium’s pervasiveness and its enmeshment with the formation of cultural identities. This book series considers periodicals as important artifacts, seeking to assess their role for processes of cultural transfer and translation. SPC looks at how periodicals evolve in and through networks of people, material infrastructures, media markets, and changing technologies. Likewise, the community-building potential of periodicals will be considered. SPC wants to determine what function periodicals have as sites of affection, but also as aesthetic and material sources for the arts and literature. The book series produces a much-needed bridge between historical/archival approaches and present work in the field of media studies by highlighting the legacies and trajectories of the periodical business from 18th-century print to the digital age.

SPC invites contributions from a range of disciplines including approaches developed in the humanities and social sciences. Transnational approaches to periodical studies, which provide, among others, fresh insights into foreign language publications, the role of international editions, the ethnic press, and related issues like race, gender, and sexuality are all welcome. SPC also promotes the ‘business turn’ in periodical studies and highlights material and legal frameworks, design, translation, marketing and consumption. It solicits studies about editorial procedures, the distribution, and the reception of periodicals. This book series encourages work about regional, national, and transnational communication networks, investigating, for instance, how rival publications and their interrelated dynamics shape the periodicals’ formal, material, and visual attributes. In practice, SPC proposes to study periodicals less as autonomous objects, but rather as agents embedded in changing historical contexts. SPC thus offers theoretical and methodological approaches to an interdisciplinary, transnational conception of periodical studies, and publishes peer-reviewed volumes in different languages.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to the publisher at BRILL, Christa Stevens.
Please advise our Guidelines for a Book Proposal.
We strongly recommend the use of the Chicago Manual of Style in this series.

Subject areas for exploration:
Periodicals and Transculturality
Literary Magazines as Transnational Periodicals
Transnational Periodicals and the Ethnic Press
Transnational Periodicals, Typography, and Graphic Communication
Transnational Periodicals and the Production of Knowledge
Periodical Studies and the Impact of the Archive
Regionalism and Transnational Periodicals
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Series Editors: Marc Jongen and Uwe Hochmuth
In der Reihe HfG Forschung erscheinen philosophische, medientheoretische, kultur- und sozialwissenschaftliche Studien und Essays aus dem HfG Forschungsinstitut und seinem Umfeld.

Aus avancierten Stellungen des Nachdenkens in den unterschiedlichen Disziplinen werden Fragen entwickelt und Probleme traktiert, die auch jenseits akademischer Kontexte an der Zeit sind. Die Reihe versteht sich als ein Forum für Autoren, die sich einer transdiziplinären, theoretisch mehrsprachigen und radikal offenen Idee von Forschung verpflichtet fühlen.

Wissenschaftlicher Beirat: Prof. Dr. Peter Sloterdijk, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich, Prof. Dr. Heiner Mühlmann

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Series Editor: Jochen Vogt
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Series Editor: Ludwig Jäger
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Series Editors: Rafael Capurro and Thomas Hausmanninger
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Longer than an article, shorter than a book. The mini-monograph series allows researchers to publish their innovative work at lengths of between 25,000 and 60,000 words. Address the essence of your topic in this new format, and take advantage of our rigorous peer review, state of the art production, and personal guidance. Publish fast, stimulate academic debate, and reach your global audience through an international distribution network at an affordable price.
Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to the publisher at BRILL, Christa Stevens.