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Issues Vital to Address
This book unpicks how the growing role of technology, particularly tools designed to solve real-world problems, impacts thinking and expression. Mind-bending AI-generated fact, fiction, art and music challenge the boundaries of machine capability and human consciousness. Quantum physics views consciousness as self-observation reliant on language and thinking. Now machines implement life routines, there is a need for better human thinkers and communicators for tackling issues, like climate change and overpopulation. World Thinking Studies show decline in language and thinking, with one-third of adults lacking them for life needs. Technology reduces direct talk – essential for thought. A 2024 Mental State of the Year study finds Britain the world’s second most miserable place, only slightly more cheerful than Uzbekistan, showing inability to think through and solve problems. The subjects discussed in this book are processes, for applying technology successfully; practices, to determine how to implement technology support for thinking, communication, and collaboration; performance, in terms of student technology experiences; and predictions, to outline and analyse current technology trends.
The aim is to publish work by academics working in institutions in the francophone (the French speaking) world in order to reflect the epistemological, methodological and policy characteristics and priorities of that active linguistic group in its various cultural settings.
In the twenty years since Ray Land and Erik Meyer published their first paper on Threshold Concepts, there has been a steady stream of papers mulling over their original suggestions that learning, far from proceeding in an orderly fashion, is instead a process of struggle – perhaps alienation and confusion – that puts students in a troublesome liminal ‘in-between’ state. As their understanding develops, liminality gives way to transformational insight whereby a whole field of study comes, often quite abruptly, into focus. There is a gain but often also a loss: in this new world, old certainties, assumptions and even aspects of our identity can be left by the wayside.

Threshold Concepts in the Moment is the sixth collection in the series on the subject of Threshold Concepts, following the 8th Biennial Conference held in 2021, anchored at London’s UCL but running online across the world. Its contributors, who range from ‘old hands’ to new members of the community finding their feet, mull over the insights of the threshold concepts framework in higher education, scrutinise their own fields of study, explore the implications of liminality for pedagogy and becoming professional practitioners, and consider the broad implications for pedagogy of factoring in the troublesomeness of knowledge and learning.
Social Histories in Times of Colonization and Post Independence (1920s - 1970s)
Who were the actors involved in colonial and post-independence education in Africa? This book on the history of education in Africa gives a special attention to narratives of marginalized voices. With this original approach and cases from ten countries involving four colonial powers it constitutes a dynamic and rich contribution to the field.
The authors have searched for narratives of education 'from below' through oral interviews, autobiographies, films and undiscovered archival sources. Throughout the book, educational settings are approached as social spaces where both contact and separtation between colonisers and colonised are constructed through social interaction, negotiations, and struggles.

Contributors include Antónia Barreto, Lars Folke Berge, Clara Carvalho, Charlotte Courreye, Pierre-Éric Fageol, Frédéric Garan, Esther Ginestet, Pedro Goulart, Pierre Guidi, Lydia Hadj-Ahmed, Kalpana Hiralal, Mamaye Idriss, Mihary Jaofeno, Rehana Thembeka Odendaal, Roland Rakotovao, Maria da Luz Ramos, Ellen Vea Rosnes, Caterina Scalvedi, Eva Van de Velde, Pieter Verstraete.
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The title concept ‘in-between’ (metaxu) refers to identity that remains in perpetual disjunction, dispersion and crisis. This book proves that ‘in-between’ is not an empty space, but a productive mode of creating new qualities, experiences, ideas and representations. The authors of individual chapters interpret selected aspects of metaxu in relevant to contemporary cultural communication areas, i.e. linguistic and more broadly semiotic, and make contemporary discourses the object of exploration. Most of the analyses are based on the Polish-language linguistic context; however, they refer to a universal perspective of culture and communication.
Eine Grounded Theory zu Haltungen und Praxis pädagogischer Fachkräfte
In ihrer Studie geht Jasmin Zimmer der Frage nach, was pädagogische Fachkräfte dazu bewegt, digitale Medien in ihrer täglichen Arbeit mit den Kindern einsetzen zu wollen oder sich dagegen zu positionieren. In einem Mixed-Methods-Ansatz entwickelt sie auf Grundlage umfassender quantitativer und qualitativer Analysen eine empirisch gestützte Theorie (Grounded Theory), die das individuelle Bildungsverständnis der Fachkräfte als wesentliche Ursache für ihre jeweilige Haltung zur Verwendung dieser Medien ausmacht. Bisher in der Literatur diskutierte Begründungen für die häufig beobachtete Verweigerung des Medieneinsatzes wie mangelnde Medien- oder medienpädagogische Kompetenzen erweisen sich hierbei als nachrangig. Der Autorin gelingt es, das multidimensionale Gefüge von ursächlichen, intervenierenden und rahmenden Bedingungen der Haltung von Fachkräften zu einem pädagogischen Einsatz digitaler Medien in der Kita darzulegen und empirisch zu untermauern.
Comparative and International Education: The Hispanic Americas aims to publish work by academics working in institutions in the Hispanic (Spanish and Portuguese speaking) Americas in order to reflect the theoretical and policy characteristics and priorities of the region. These can be quite different to those of researchers from the region now working in Australian, North American and European institutions. By placing the series in the broader series context, it avoids the titles being overlooked by researchers, teachers and students of comparative and international education who miss locating and additional C & I Education series listing.
Teachers and Students: Reflections on Learning in Near and Middle Eastern Cultures. Collected Studies in Honour of Sebastian Günther contains essays on the developments, ideals, and practices of teaching and learning in the Islamicate world, past and present. The authors address topics that reflect – and thus honour – Sebastian Günther’s academic achievements in this particular area.
The volume offers fresh insights into key issues related to education and human development, including their shared characteristics as well as their influence on and interdependence with cultures of the Islamicate world, especially in the classical period of Islam (9th-15th century CE). The diverse spectrum of topics covered in the book, as well as the wide range of innovative interdisciplinary approaches and research tools employed, pay tribute to Sebastian Günther’s research focus on Islamic education and ethics, through which he has inspired many of his students, colleagues, and friends.