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Founded in 1972, this series welcomes publications that further develop the field of German-language literature(s) and cultural studies from 1700 onwards. This includes themed-anthologies and monographs offering state-of-the-art research, as well as critical editions, primary sources or collections.

Our mission remains to publish high quality research including new discussions of established authors, research on heretofore neglected masterpieces, as well as the consideration of German literary studies as a discipline both within and beyond the academy. Consequently, the series offers a venue for a variety of genres rediscovered in literature and cultural studies, including the study of the essay, literary biographies and periodicals. We also welcome studies in which German literature is treated in connection with other disciplines such as media studies, the fine arts, as well as the natural sciences.

All submissions are subject to a double blind peer review process prior to publication.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to the publisher at BRILL, Masja Horn.

The electronic version of the Critical Studies series.

Critical Studies seeks to foster cross-disciplinarity and thus to participate in the ongoing reconfiguration of the Humanities and Social Sciences, while challenging received conceptual frames and perspectives, be they entrenched or 'current'.
To this aim, it publishes guest-edited, multi-authored collections of essays by scholars and intellectuals coming from various disciplinary and cultural backgrounds.
The series welcomes volumes dealing with a vast range of topics, from the most enduring to the most contemporary, such as future and emerging technologies.
Whether topics initially pertain to the fields of gender studies, media studies, postcolonial studies or studies in post-humanism, to name just a few, special consideration is given to collections that:
1. seriously attempt to produce innovative cross-disciplinary analyses by involving multiple theoretical languages and/or cultural areas;
2. do not content themselves with applying methodologies or theories but submit their own gestures and presuppositions to critical scrutiny;
3. endeavor to open new questions and to posit new objects for investigation on the basis of their methodological and theoretical innovation.

The series published two volumes over the last 5 years.
Faux Titre est une collection d’études en littérature française. Depuis cinquante ans déjà, elle offre une sélection d’essais de haute envergure, couvrant l’ensemble du domaine de la recherche littéraire, de la littérature médiévale jusqu’à l’extrême contemporain. La collection offre également une plate-forme pour de nouvelles pistes de recherche comme les études de traduction, les littératures minoritaires, les études du genre et queer, l'écologie, les sciences humaines médicales, études hémisphériques, études transatlantiques, études de réseaux et sciences sociales, ainsi que des réflexions sur les études en littérature française en tant que discipline.

Faux Titre is a longstanding book series for state-of-the-art research in the field of French-language literature(s). Besides the more classical research in French literature, covering the field of Medieval Studies to XXIth century literature, the series offers a platform for new directions in literary studies in relation to translation studies, minority literatures, gender and queer studies, ecology, medical humanities, hemispheric studies, transatlantic studies, network studies and social sciences, as well as reflections on studies in French literature as a discipline.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to the publisher at BRILL, Christa Stevens.
Études de langue et littérature françaises.

The series published an average of nine volumes per year over the last 5 years.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to the publisher at BRILL, Christa Stevens.
The series "IFAVL" is a platform for peer reviewed, scholarly research in comparative literature studies with a Eurocentric focus. Comparative studies with interdisciplinary approaches are also welcome. Featured in the series are works which explore a variety of topics and concepts, across a broad disciplinary spectrum, such as ethnic-minority literature, cosmopolitanisms, postcolonialism, multimedia, gender, cultural memory, aesthetics, politics, and more.

From 2005 onward, the series "Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft" will appear as a joint publication by Brill and Weidler Buchverlag, Berlin. The German editions will be published by Weidler Buchverlag, all other publications by Brill.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals to the publisher at BRILL, Masja Horn.

Thamyris seeks to initiate alternative forms of criticism by analysing the ways in which cultural and theoretical discourses intervene in the contemporary world. This criticism should pursue a re-politicizing and remobilizing of theoretical perspectives and cultural practices, preferably through case studies. Thamyris hopes to contribute to the productive interaction between art, activism, and theory. We understand cultural practices to include those of literary, visual, digital, and performance arts, but also social practices related to gender, sexuality, and ethnicity. In short, Thamyris aims at exploring the ways in which varying cultural practices, separately or in interaction, can be effective as agents of social and cultural change.
This collection contains the electronic version of the following volumes published in this series: Volume 2 up to and including Vol. 228 with the exclusion of Volumes 1, 3, 4, 7, 31, 53, 61, 62, and 88.
Literature and Cultural Studies E-Books Online, Collection 2000-2006 is the electronic version of the book publication program of Brill in the field of Literature and Cultural Studies from 2000-2006. This collection contains 627 electronic version of the volumes published in this series.

English, German, French, Slavic, and Hispanic literatures, Modernist Studies, Literature & the Arts, Theatre Studies, Ecocriticism, Postcolonial Studies, Comparative Studies and World Literature, and Translation Studies.

This E-Book Collection is part of Brill's Literature and Cultural Studies E-Books Online Collection.

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Beyond World Literature
Author: Ottmar Ette
Beginning with Erich Auerbach’s reflections on the Goethean concept of World Literature, Ottmar Ette unfolds the theory and practice of Literatures of the World. Today, only those literary theories that are oriented upon a history of movement are still capable of doing justice to the confusing diversity of highly dynamic, worldwide transformations. This is because they examine transareal pathways in the field of literature. This volume captures literary processes of exchange and transformation between the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Pacific as well as the interplay of different ways of narrating space and time. Thus, this volume speaks from a fractal point of view and unfolds multiple perspectives. Literatures of the World allows the reader to think in different logical frameworks at the same time, therefore shaping our future on the basis of the diversity of humankind.