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Central European Value Studies is a pluralistic project that makes available to the English-speaking world books in all areas of value inquiry that originate in Central Europe or that deal with its major philosophical traditions.

Central European Value Studies is co-sponsored by:
• the Philosophy Seminar of the University of Mainz;
• the Centre for Cultural Research, Aarhus University; and
• the International Academy of Philosophy of the Principality of Liechtenstein

Die Zielsetzung der geplanten Reihe ist es, Ethik und Empirie eng miteinander zu verbinden: So sollen möglichst konkrete, auch in der breiteren Öffentlichkeit diskutierte ethische Fragestellungen aufgegriffen werden, die empirischen Befunde aus den jeweils relevanten empirischen Wissenschaften zu diesen Fragestellungen gesichtet und philosophischen, theologischen, juristischen usw. Reflexionen und Beurteilungen unterworfen werden. Mögliche Themen sind: Xenotransplantation, Sterbehilfe und assistierter Suizid, Organspende, Kinderethik, Tierethik usw. Gerade angesichts der neuen molekularbiologischen Entwicklungen gewinnen Fragen zur Bedeutung der Natur für das ethische Argument und für bioethische Debatten an Dringlichkeit und Relevanz, die sich auch in der Arbeit von Ethik-Kommissionen zeigt. Es soll auch untersucht werden, wie die empirischen Fragestellungen und die Arbeit von Ethik-Kommissionen die ethische Theoriebildung beeinflusst.

The new series aims to closely combine ethics and empiricism: It is intended to address concrete ethical questions that are also discussed in the broader public, to examine the empirical results from the relevant empirical sciences on these questions, and to discuss philosophical, theological, legal, etc. issues in a more comprehensive way. Possible topics are: Xenotransplantation, euthanasia and assisted suicide, organ donation, child ethics, animal ethics, etc. Particularly in view of the new developments in molecular biology, questions about the significance of nature for ethical arguments and for bioethical debates are becoming increasingly urgent and relevant, which is also reflected in the work of ethics committees. The study also examines how empirical questions and the work of ethics commissions influence ethical theory formation.
Die Reihe ISPR ist vornehmlich der Religionsphilosophie gewidmet, aber auch offen für philosophische Grundlagenforschungen verschiedener Art, die einen Religionsbezug haben oder für die philosophische Auseinandersetzung mit Religion relevant sind. In ihr erscheinen Monographien, thematisch fokussierte Sammelbände, aber auch Editionen und Übersetzungen wichtiger Werke. Es gibt keine Beschränkung auf bestimmte philosophische Stile; verbindlich ist für alle Publikationen das Niveau philosophischen Fragens und Denkens, dem sich das Innsbrucker Institut für Christliche Philosophie verpflichtet weiß.
The book series Philosophy and Human Rights provides a venue for outstanding scholarship on contemporary and newly emerging issues in the context of human rights theory and practice in philosophy including the philosophy of technology. The series favors monographs on human rights that work at the cutting edge of ethics/applied philosophy, social and political philosophy, and law, but it will also consider excellent edited volumes at the intersection of mentioned fields.
Founded to bring Spanish philosophy to the attention of English-speaking philosophers, Philosophy in Spain seeks outstanding works by classic and contemporary Spanish thinkers as well as books on Spanish philosophy.
Philosophy in Spain is a special series in the Value Inquiry Book Series.
Philosophy in Spain is co-sponsored by the Institute of Philosophy of the High Council of Scientific Research, Spain.
This peer-reviewed series aims at providing readers with new perspectives on international debates in the Philosophy of Education. It is geared towards fostering debates across methodological and philosophical divisions and is open to a plurality of philosophical themes related to education. These may include, for instance, contemporary debates on the aims of education, on moral, political, and environmental education, as well as themes related to educational ethics and the history of philosophy of education. Questions may be of a foundational theoretical nature, as well as more applied, concerning issues that arise in addressing problems of educational practice and their role in society. Contributions may be either in English or in German.
Subject coverage of Brill's Religious Studies, Theology and Philosophy E-book Package: Religious Studies - Theology - Philosophy - Christianity - History of Religion - Religion & Society - Missionary Studies

This e-book collection is part of Brill's Humanities and Social Sciences E-Book Package

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Founded in 1992 by Robert Ginsberg and guided by Leonidas Donskis from 2008 to 2016, the Value Inquiry Book Series (VIBS) publishes philosophical books in all areas of value inquiry which stress the exploration of contemporary problems of value(s) and valuation in their embeddedness within particular fields and contexts. The VIBS exists to stimulate research that acknowledges and reflects upon the values from which its particular objectives arise. It encourages interdisciplinary dialogue by publishing books of and about philosophy at the intersections of value inquiry ranging across diverse fields, including: social and political thought; ethics; aesthetics; religious values; identity values such as race, gender, class, sexuality, and nation; law and society; human rights, film and new media culture, peace theory, and trending areas within philosophy. The VIBS actively seeks to acquire original monographs that foreground contemporary relevance within the topical frameworks listed above. The series is also open to edited volumes that demonstrate strong thematic coherence and continuity among the contributions.

The series published an average of eleven volumes per year over the last 5 years.