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The Postmodern Challenge

Perspectives East and West


Edited by Bo Stråth and Nina Witoszek

This volume is designed to bridge a gap in the current theoretical debate about the nature, scope and relevance of postmodern perspectives in the humanist and social sciences in Eastern and Western Europe. While the debate has been reasonably comprehensive and certainly abrasive in Western European and Anglophone countries, it has signally failed to incorporate the viewpoints of Eastern European scholars and intellectuals. Even the current appropriation of Mikhail Bakhtin as a prophet of the postmodern is, paradoxically, a monologic engagement with his thought rather than a dialogic encounter of cultures. Doubtless different historical experiences, ideology and social aspirations go some way to account for the weariness of Eastern Europe with postmodern challenge and its glad embrace by Western scholars. The volume comprises some fifteen essays by leading historians, literary theorists and social scientists from Western and Eastern Europe and America. It has a threefold aim: firstly, to illuminate the distinctiveness of current Western and Eastern European theorizing about history and society; secondly, to reveal points of tension and disagreement, and, finally, to open up a space for a meeting of seemingly incompatible worlds.


Willem Elias

Signs of the Time is an investigation into contemporary art theory and the philosophy of art from 1945 till postmodernism. The author treats important precursors such as Freud and Marx, and contemporary theorists and philosophers such as Gombrich, Lacan, Heidegger, Sartre, Althusser, Marcuse, Gadamer, Derrida, Eco, Barthes, Foucault, Baudrillard, and Lyotard.
Various texts are discussed, criticized and related to movements in contemporary art and to contemporary artists. The author addresses students in the field of art history, communica-tions, aesthetics, art education, art history, communications, aesthetics, as well as the art lover. Art as a sign of the time reveals the hidden dimensions of the world in which we live.

Wisdom's Odyssey

From Philosophy to Transcendental Sophistry


Peter A. Redpath

This book establishes that the ancient Greeks had a prevailing method of doing philosophy which was rooted in philosophical realism. Through extensive historical and philosophical analysis, it demonstrates that this method was challenged in ancient times by an apocryphal notion of philosophy which eventually became confused with philosophical reasoning, and was passed on to posterity through the work of Christian theologians until it was called into question by leading thinkers of the thirteenth century. It shows how this thirteenth-century challenge influenced the growth of the Renaissance humanist movement and how this movement, in turn, passed on to modernity the same apocryphal notion of philosophy as a rhetorical theology of allegorical prefiguration.

The Margins of Meaning

Arguments for a Postmodern Approach to Language & Text


Robin Melrose

The title of this book is inspired by Jacques Derrida and by his seminal work, The Margins of Philosophy. The study of meaning in the past thirty years has focused on core meaning, and largely ignored the margins of meaning, where much of the power of language is to be found. The present work seeks to shift this focus by taking a postmodern approach that sees meaning as an accretion of verbal, social, cultural and personal sign systems, with fluid boundaries that shrink or expand with each meaner.
Chapter 1 begins with a brief examination of present-day approaches to meaning, and goes on to a deconstruction of four twentieth century linguists. Chapter 2 takes as its starting point two aspects of the 20th century scientific paradigm, non-deterministic causation and relativity, and considers a number of thinkers who have worked within this paradigm. A major aim of this work is to convince students and teachers of literary theory, cultural studies and feminist theory of the validity of a linguistics of indeterminacy, so Chapter 3 focuses on an analytical approach that models indeterminacy in language, and Chapter 4 applies the model to a newspaper editorial, a Wallace Stevens' poem, and an extract from a Patrick White novel.

Reconstructing Foucault

Essays in the Wake of the 80s


Edited by Ricardo Miguel-Alfonso and Silvia Caporale-Bizzini

Bakhtin: Carnival and Other Subjects

Selected Papers from the Fifth International Bakhtin Conference University of Manchester, July 1991


Edited by David James Shepherd

Creativity and Consciousness

Philosophical and Psychological Dimensions


Edited by Jerzy Brzeziński, Santo di Nuovo, Tadeusz Marek and Tomasz Maruszewski

Alterity, Identity, Image

Selves and Others in Society and Scholarship


Edited by R. Corbey and J.Th. Leerssen

Het leven van Philopater en Vervolg van 't leven van Philopater

Een spinozistische sleutelroman uit 1691/1697 opnieuw uitgegeven en van een inleiding en noten voorzien door Gerardine Maréchal


J. Duijkerius