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VII-2 Ordinis septimi tomus secundus

In evangelivm Lvcae paraphrasis


Edited by Jan Bloemendal

In his ‘Project of the New Testament’ Erasmus also wrote a running commentary on all New Testament books, except Revelation, in the form of a paraphrase. In this volume, the Paraphrase on Luke – Latin text with critical apparatus, and English introduction and commentary, is edited. In the paraphrase, Erasmus turns out to be a mature interpreter of the Bible, who advocated a new Christianity, which he called ‘the philosophy of Christ’, and implicitly criticized the clergy of his own age.
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Katharina Kohse-Höinghaus and Andreas Brockhinke

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Vital or Chemical Process?

Joseph Fruton

Human knowledge of the conversion of grape must into wine and of cereal dough into bread is as old as agriculture. This book is a study of the ways this phenomenon (fermentation) has been considered since Aristotle to be analogous to natural processes such as human digestion. During 1200–1600 A.D., alchemists wrote “ferments” or “elixirs” that could turn lead into gold. A century later, in Newton’s time, many physicians and natural philosophers considered fermentation to be an important natural process. The 18th century was marked by Lavoisier’s celebrated experiment on alcoholic fermentation. The 19th-century debate about the nature of this process was concluded by Buchner’s preparation of an active cell-free yeast extract. From 1910–1940 many researchers participated in the identification of the chemical intermediates and catalysts in the multi-enzyme pathway of alcoholic fermentation.
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Feuerzwerge - Zeugen der Urzeit

NMR-Bildgebung in den Materialwissenschaften

Bernhard Blümich and Karl O. Stetter

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Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology

The International Journal of Theoretical and Basic Aspects of Adhesion Science and Its Applications in All Areas of Technology

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