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The aim of this book is to introduce the reader to the organization of medieval Prague up to the early 15th century with a focus on the first two essential phases of agglomeration development: early urban and post-charted. Prague was a so-called “multi-part town”, consisting of several municipalities and separate urban complexes.

This publication examines these Prague towns, their inhabitants, and the institutions that served them, as well as many events and places not connected directly to this book’s “urban” subject but which nevertheless constitute an inseparable background and significantly influenced the whole community of Prague.
This book discusses the printers’ devices used in Poland-Lithuania in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The compositions that served to identify the products of individual printers are explored here as previously unacknowledged research material for cultural studies: they allow for the reconstruction of the mentality of contemporary printers as well as their co-workers and reading public.

The book investigates relationships within early modern intellectual communities and shows that the textual and visual discourses of the printers’ devices were pan-European, reflecting the networked communities of European centres of learning and commerce. It documents the broad range of the output of Polish-Lithuanian presses as well and is therefore also a study of book culture in a multinational and multilingual state, whose inheritance is poorly recognised internationally.
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Die "Forschungen zur baltischen Geschichte" sind das führende wissenschaftliche Periodikum mit einem Fokus auf der Geschichte der drei Staaten Estland, Lettland und Litauen. In diesem Heft geht es um die Beamte des Livländischen Zweiges des Deutschen Ordens, die Stellung der Pfarrfrauen in der Frühneuzeit, bildliche Darstellungen litauischer Husaren aus dem 17. und 18. Jahrhundert sowie den Versuchen des Kreml, über seine Vertretung in Riga Einfluss auf die lettische Innenpolitik Mitte der 1920er Jahre zu nehmen. Zudem beschäftigen sich Beiträge mit dem Status der St. Petrikirche in Riga und diskutieren neue Schriften zum baltischen Mittelalter aus Frankreich sowie neue Studien zur Kartographie und Prostitution im Russländischen Reich. Ein umfangreicher Rezensionsteil rundet den diesjährigen Band der "Forschungen zur baltischen Geschichte" ab.
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The title concept ‘in-between’ (metaxu) refers to identity that remains in perpetual disjunction, dispersion and crisis. This book proves that ‘in-between’ is not an empty space, but a productive mode of creating new qualities, experiences, ideas and representations. The authors of individual chapters interpret selected aspects of metaxu in relevant to contemporary cultural communication areas, i.e. linguistic and more broadly semiotic, and make contemporary discourses the object of exploration. Most of the analyses are based on the Polish-language linguistic context; however, they refer to a universal perspective of culture and communication.