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Jain Approaches to Plurality

Identity as Dialogue


Melanie Barbato

In Jain Approaches to Plurality Melanie Barbato offers a new perspective on the Jain teaching of plurality ( anekāntavāda) and how it allowed Jains to engage with other discourses from Indian inter-school philosophy to global interreligious dialogue. Jainism, one of the world’s oldest religions, has managed to both adapt and preserve its identity across time through its inherently dialogical outlook. Drawing on a wide range of textual sources and original research in India, Barbato analyses the encounters between Jains and non-Jains in the classical, colonial and global context. Jain Approaches to Plurality offers a comprehensive introduction to anekāntavāda as a non-Western resource for understanding plurality and engaging in dialogue.

“Building upon earlier work in this field without simply reduplicating it, Melanie Barbato’s work delves deeply into the question of the relevance of Jain approaches to religious and philosophical diversity to contemporary issues of inter-religious dialogue, and dialogues across worldviews more generally. (…) This work is a most welcome contribution to the conversation.”

— Jeffery D. Long, Professor of Religion and Asian Studies, Elizabethtown College. April 2017. Author of Jainism: An Introduction.
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Various Authors & Editors

Joint IMC/CBMS Missionary Archives
Africa and India, 1910-1945

Correspondence, memoranda, surveys, reports, minutes, reviews, statistics, Christian literature, and other printed material relating to IMC/CBMS missionary activities, study, and policy in India and British Africa (1910-1945). Also includes material on areas under Belgian, Portuguese, and French control. Material consists for the most part of correspondence, memoranda, and other printed material relating especially to two key figures: J.H. Oldham and W. Paton.

This collection is also included in the Missionary Archives collection.
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South Asia
Research collections on microform, 7th cumulative catalogue

This impressive collection of almost 1,100 titles, contains periodicals and monographs, mainly concerning South Asian history, archaeology, literature, sociology, political science, law, economy, and missionary archives. In 1998 IDC Publishers turned the latest, seventh cumulative catalogue into a user-friendly research tool. The titles are presented in a logical, well-arranged manner to enable researchers and librarians to find the sources they are looking for easily and efficiently. Some of the features new to this edition are:
- Rearrangement according to subject headings
- Expansion by more than 300 titles
- Annotations to most newly added titles
- Listing of the number of microfiche for each item
- Greatly enlarged section devoted to Missions
- Inclusion of detailed index (8 pp.).