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Migration and Religion

Christian Transatlantic Missions, Islamic Migration to Germany


Edited by Barbara Becker-Cantarino

This volume looks at how religious identity and symbolic ethnicity influence migration. Religion – Christianity – was an important factor in European transatlantic migrations; religion – Islam – is a major issue in the immigration debate in “post-secular” Germany (and Europe) today. Essays focus on German missionaries and their efforts in the eighteenth century to establish new communal forms of living with Native Americans as religious encounters. In a comparative fashion, Islamic transnational migration into Germany in the twenty-first century is explored in a second group of essays that look at Muslim populations in Germany. They provide an insight into the ongoing discussions in Germany about modern migration and the role of religion. This volume is of interest to all who are engaged in issues of historical and contemporary migration, in Cultural and German Studies.
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Johan Phil. Palthen

Edited by Peter Ganz

When Eduard Sievers edited the Old High German translation of Tatian's Diatesseron in 1872, he believed that the manuscript which Franciscus Junius had brought to England was a modern copy of the famous ninth-century codex in St. Gall. Recent work has shown that this was an error. A reprint of Johann Philipp Palthen's first edition of the Old High German text of MS Junius 13 in the Bodleian Library is, therefore, justified on account of its importance in the history of Germanic philology. Moreover, it makes available again the text of an independent witness of a work which must have been important in missionary and pastoral work during the Carolingian period.
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Frömmigkeit in der frühen Neuzeit

Studien zu religiösen Literatur des 17. Jahrhunderts in Deutschland

Edited by Dieter Breuer

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Sigismund Suevus: Erbauungsschriften

Spiegel des Menschlichen Lebens: Eine Auswahl

Sigismund Suevus

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Spiegel der Armen Sündigen Seele

Ulm: Cůnrad Dinckmůt 1484

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Eigene Schriften aus den Jahren 1526-1536 nebst vier von Linck übersetzten bzw. neu herausgegebenen Schriften aus den Jahren 1524 und 1525. Hrsg. und mit einer Einleitung versehen von Helmich von der KOLK

Wenzeslaus Link

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Der Spiegel des Sünders

Ein katechetischer Traktat des 15. Jahrhunderts

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Franz Falk

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Ernst Kelcher

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Evangelienbuch in mitteldeutscher Sprache 1343

Hrsg. von R. Bechstein. Leipzig 1867. Nachdruck

Matthias von Beheim