Tracing Their Paths, Reassessing Their Goals
This book collects fifteen essays and book sections about the Jesuits in India written over a period of more than thirty years. Many of these pieces, unavailable for years, now appear together for the first time. The essays open a window on the 450-year Jesuit history in India, from Roberto de Nobili in the seventeenth century to the leading Jesuit scholars of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The volume looks back into this long missionary history, but Clooney’s eye is also on the question of relevance today: How ought interreligious learning take place in the twenty-first century?

“Western Jesuit Scholars in India is a fascinating collection of studies of 17th-21st century Jesuit writings in and about classical India. By his methods and questions, Francis Clooney, Indologist and Jesuit theologian, exposes certain aporias and deficiencies latent in Indology. It concludes with a notable proposal of an interfaith sensibility.”
Gérard Colas, Directeur de recherche émérité, Centre National de la Recherche scientifique, Paris

“Francis X. Clooney’s Western Jesuit Scholars in India is that of a humanist. He is not only a studious and assiduous reader of texts in languages and intellectual idioms that few scholars are capable of untangling, but is also committed to finding deep human and spiritual connections, detecting the intellectual empathies and affinities that the Jesuit missionaries had labored to bring out in their writings over half a millennium. With a clear and engaging pen, impressive erudition, and intellectual humility before the truly difficult task, Clooney studies what is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating chapters in Jesuit intellectual history, the encounter with Indian philosophical and textual traditions. Seekers of knowledge and cultural understanding of all stripes will find in this book plenty of wisdom, some surprises, and a large historical canvas stretching from Italy to India and back, and beyond.”
Ines G. Županov, Senior Fellow, Centre d’études de l’Inde et de l’Asie du Sud, CNRS, Paris
In The European Encounter with Hinduism Jan Peter Schouten offers an account of European travellers coming into contact with the Hindu religion in India. From the thirteenth century on, both traders and missionaries visited India and encountered the exotic world of Hindus and Hinduism. Their travel reports reveal how Europeans gradually increased their knowledge of Hinduism and how they evaluated this foreign religion. Later on, although officials of the colonial administration also studied the languages and culture of India, it was – contrary to what is usually assumed – particularly the many missionaries who made the greatest contribution to the mapping of Hinduism.
Joint IMC/CBMS Missionary Archives
Africa and India, 1910-1945

Correspondence, memoranda, surveys, reports, minutes, reviews, statistics, Christian literature, and other printed material relating to IMC/CBMS missionary activities, study, and policy in India and British Africa (1910-1945). Also includes material on areas under Belgian, Portuguese, and French control. Material consists for the most part of correspondence, memoranda, and other printed material relating especially to two key figures: J.H. Oldham and W. Paton.

This collection is also included in the Missionary Archives collection.
South Asia
Research collections on microform, 7th cumulative catalogue

This impressive collection of almost 1,100 titles, contains periodicals and monographs, mainly concerning South Asian history, archaeology, literature, sociology, political science, law, economy, and missionary archives. In 1998 IDC Publishers turned the latest, seventh cumulative catalogue into a user-friendly research tool. The titles are presented in a logical, well-arranged manner to enable researchers and librarians to find the sources they are looking for easily and efficiently. Some of the features new to this edition are:
- Rearrangement according to subject headings
- Expansion by more than 300 titles
- Annotations to most newly added titles
- Listing of the number of microfiche for each item
- Greatly enlarged section devoted to Missions
- Inclusion of detailed index (8 pp.).