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Lezingen gehouden op het symposium van 24 april 1976 te Leeuwarden/Ljouwert, georganiseerd door de Ynteruniversitaire Stúdzjerie Frysk
The African Yearbook of International Law provides an intellectual forum for the systematic analysis and scientific dissection of issues of international law as they apply to Africa, as well as Africa's contribution to the progressive development of international law. It contributes to the promotion, acceptance of and respect for the principles of international law, as well as to the encouragement of the teaching, study, dissemination and wider appreciations of international law in Africa. A clear articulation of Africa's views on the various aspects of international law based on the present realities of the continent as well as on Africa's civilization, culture, philosophy and history will undoubtedly contribute to a better understanding among nations.
The African Yearbook of International Law plays an important role in examining the tensions underlying the State in Africa, and by shedding more light on the causes of the fragility of African State institutions so as to facilitate the identification of appropriate remedies. The tension and interrelationships among issues such as territorial integrity, self determination, ethnic diversity and nation-building are constantly addressed. Development, human rights and democratization in Africa are also the subject of continuous attention and examination.
The Special Theme of this volume is Refugees and Displaced Persons in Africa.
Three Lyric Poets of the Yung-ming Era (483-493) Vol. I and II
This volume presents the nearly complete oeuvre of ShenYüeh, Hsieh T’iao, and Wang Jung, i.e. the full original texts, Professor Richard Mather’s full annotated translations, and brief biographies of these three classical poets, who all had such a profound impact on succeeding centuries.
The reader will here find first-hand reactions and ruminations by highly sensitive and articulate participants in the tumultuous events and intellectual currents of an age that was definitely more than just a chaotic transition between the Han and the T’ang dynasties.
With index. All volumes of the print edition are available in individual e-books: 9789004531765 (volume 1) - 9789004531772 (volume 2).
This book is the first of a projected series of five which aims to analyse the process of momentous and long-term change which came with the Islamization of the regions which the Arabs called al-Hind, that is India and large parts of its Indianized hinterland. The series is set up in a chronological order, starting with the early expansion of the caliphate in the seventh and eight centuries and ending with the beginnings of European colonization. In this millennium of Islamic expansion five successive stages are distinguished, taking into account the world-historical context.
Each stage will be covered by a separate volume. The present volumes covers the period of the seventh to eleventh centuries, the early medieval period in which the Islamic Middle East acquires economic supremacy while establishing new links between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean.
Subsequent volumes will cover the periods of the eleventh to thirteenth centuries (volume 2), the fourteenth to fifteenth centuries (3), the sixteenth to seventeenth centuries (4), and the eighteenth century (5).
Juden und Christen im Gespräch über die Bibel. Festschrift für Otto Michel zum 60. Geburtstag
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