Beauty and Art in Modern Japan
State and Elites in Early Nineteenth Century Suzhou
Author: Seunghyun Han
Three Lyric Poets of the Yung-ming Era (483-493) Vol. I and II
Author: Richard Mather
This volume presents the nearly complete oeuvre of ShenYüeh, Hsieh T’iao, and Wang Jung, i.e. the full original texts, Professor Richard Mather’s full annotated translations, and brief biographies of these three classical poets, who all had such a profound impact on succeeding centuries.
The reader will here find first-hand reactions and ruminations by highly sensitive and articulate participants in the tumultuous events and intellectual currents of an age that was definitely more than just a chaotic transition between the Han and the T’ang dynasties.
With index.
A Documentary Study, 1949–1956
Author: Kuo-chün Chao
Author: Joshua A. Fogel
Esoteric Literary Commentaries of Medieval Japan
Author: Eichhorn