Historische und exegetische Studien zur Region von Hebron und zu Genesis 11,27-19,38
Author: Detlef Jericke
This volume deals with historical and exegetical problems of the Abraham story in the book of Genesis. The first part describes the results of archaeological investigations at Hebron and Mamre in Southern Palestine including remarks on the status of the province of Judah in the first millennium BCE, especially in the Babylonian and Persian period. The second part presents exegetical comments on Genesis chapter 13 and 18. The concluding part of the volume relates the historical and exegetical aspects. The Abraham story is interpreted as a product of the Judaean people of the Babylonian and Persian Period.
Author: Gemser
Ancient Near-East & Jewish Studies is published as a subseries of Brill’s Paperback Collection.

This product consists of the following titles:
The Messianic Secret of Hasidism, Mor Altshuler
Bibliographie égyptologique annuelle