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The return of Jews to their ancestral land can be seen as an act of imagination. A new country, citizenship, language, and institutions needed to be imagined in order to be created. The arts, too, have contributed to this act of envisioning and shaping the Jewish state. By examining artistic representations of Israel, Imagined Israel(s): Representations of the Jewish State in the Arts explores the ways in which the Israel imagined abroad and the one conjured within the country intersect, offering a space for the co-existence of sociopolitical, cultural, and ideological differences and tensions.
In Revising Dreyfus, contributors from a wide variety of disciplines (art history, film, media, theater, sociology, history) offer new ways of understanding the ever-evolving meanings of the Dreyfus Affair. Although the Dreyfusards led the way in explicating the nuances of the Affair in lengthy treatises, the anti-Dreyfusards far outstripped their opponents on the graphic front, particularly through print media, photographs,
postcards, broadsides, films, illustrated journal covers, and the plastic arts. Revising Dreyfus traces the dominant modes of “seeing” the Dreyfus Affair, often in opposition to “reading” the Affair in three major contexts: French, Zionist, and American.