The Transnational Cult of Mount Wutai

Historical and Comparative Perspectives


Edited by Susan Andrews, Jinhua Chen and Kuan Guang

The Transnational Cult of Mount Wutai explores the pan-East Asian significance of sacred Mount Wutai from the Northern Dynasties to the present day. Offering novel readings of comparatively familiar visual and textual sources and, in many cases, examining unstudied or understudied noncanonical materials, the papers collected here illuminate the roles that both local actors and individuals dwelling far beyond Mount Wutai’s borders have played in its making and remaking as a holy place for more than fifteen hundred years. The work aims to contribute to our understanding of the ways that sacred geography is made and remade in new places and times.
Supplementum Grammaticum Graecum is a reference work for scholars of Greek antiquity, complementary to Jacoby Online and specifically Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker IV. It is a collection of critical editions of testimonies and fragments of Greek grammarians, namely, ancient scholars dealing with textual criticism, literary exegesis, grammar, biography, and the various fields of erudition.

Each entry consists of a biographical and cultural profile of a grammarian and a new (often first) critical edition of all the existing testimonies and sources in their original language. These are supported by translations and analytical commentaries and followed by a thorough bibliography and indices.

9 volumes are expected to be published in print. Starting 2023, Supplementum Grammaticum Graecum will continue as an online reference work only. New supplements will be added to the online edition but will not appear in print format.

Supplementum Grammaticum Graecum 1

Antidorus, Dionysius Iambus, Epigenes, Lysanias, Parmenon, Silenus, Simaristus, Simmias


Emanuele Dettori

Edited by Franco Montanari, Fausto Montana and Lara Pagani

SGG 1 offers the first critical edition of, and commentaries on, the textual fragments of the ancient Greek grammarians Antidorus, Dionysius Iambus, Epigenes, Lysanias, Parmenon, Silenus, Simaristus, and Sim(m)ias. All of these personalities belong, or so plausibly appear, to the early Hellenistic period (3rd-2nd centuries BC) and share a special interest in glossographical issues (mainly discussions of problems concerning lexical usages and customs, in Greek literature as well as in ordinary life of their times) and/or in literary history. Each entry includes: a biographical and cultural profile of the grammarian; the text of testimonies and fragments critically edited, translated, and analytically commented on; a thorough bibliography; and indices.


Editor-in-Chief Knut A. Jacobsen

The Jain tradition, which combines the goal of well-being in this world with an ultimate aim of spiritual liberation, has made significant contributions to Indian culture and society through the values and ideals of nonviolence and asceticism. Jainism is among the oldest religions of South Asian origin. Today it is found both in India and among the Indian diaspora communities. The study of the history, literature, and teachings of the Jains and their social and cultural contexts as well as the contemporary ritual, devotional, and ascetic practices is an important field of scholarship.
Brill’s Encyclopedia of Jainism makes available up-to-date research on main aspects of the Jain traditions in original essays written by some of the world’s foremost scholars on Jainism. The encyclopedia is thematic and seeks to present a balanced and impartial view of Jainism with a focus on both historical and contemporary traditions and institutions. The articles address topics such as the human condition, pantheons, historical perspectives, regional cultures, renunciation, lay society, ritual, devotion, visual and material culture, time and space, literature, and philosophy and logic.

Im Gedränge

Figuren der Menge

Edited by Hermann Doetsch and Cornelia Wild

Der Band bestimmt die Arten und Weisen der Repräsentation der Menge in den Paradoxien ihrer Darstellbarkeit und medialen Inszenierungen, die Dispositive der Wahrnehmung, die sprachlichen Ordnungen und Mechanismen ihres Ausschlusses, ihre Epistemologien und Figuren in Literatur und Kunst, Diskursen und Theorien.Die Modernität der Menge besteht in der Dynamik der Ströme von Körpern, der Vielheit, der multitude, des Schwarms oder des Gewimmels, obwohl die Figur selbst eine Figur des Singulars ist. Die Menge rückt im 19. Jahrhundert ins Zentrum der Aufmerksamkeit, da sich am Problemfeld der Masse auf vielfältige Weise die durch die Tendenzen der Modernisierung und deren Deregulierungen hervorgerufenen Probleme und Aporien exemplarisch verhandeln lassen. Mit Beiträgen von Friedrich Balke, Walburga Hülk, Wolfram Nitsch, Gianluca Solla, Hannah Steurer, u. a.

Mind and the Present

Outline of an Analytic Transcendental Philosophy

Peter Rohs

Ungeheurer Atlantik

Absenz und Wiederkehr in ausgewählten atlantischen Poetiken des 20. Jahrhunderts


Eleonore Zapf

Während der Atlantik in der Antike als unüberwindbar galt, verwandelte er sich im Zeitalter der modernen Globalisierung in einen transmarinen Raum der ständigen Bewegung und Aushandlung verschiedener kultureller Konzepte. Doch auch in diesem aufgeklärten Kontext behält der Atlantik in der poetischen Phantasie noch immer Merkmale des Ungeheuren.
Das Verdrängte taucht auf unheimliche Weise wieder auf und konfrontiert die Kulturgeschichte mit ihrer vergessenen Vergangenheit. Der Band erweitert US-amerikanische Ansätze der Atlantic Studies um spanische, lusitanische und karibische Sichtweisen und analysiert atlantische Texte von Fernando Pessoa, Édouard Glissant, Derek Walcott und Manuel Padorno.

Otto Beisheim

Jugend, Soldatenzeit und Entwicklung zum Handelspionier

Joachim Scholtyseck


Edited by Kate Fleet, Gudrun Krämer, Denis Matringe, John Nawas and Everett Rowson

The Third Edition of Brill’s Encyclopaedia of Islam appears in substantial segments each year, both online and in print. The new scope includes comprehensive coverage of Islam in the twentieth century and of Muslim minorities all over the world.
This Part 2020-1 of the Third Edition of Brill’s Encyclopaedia of Islam will contain 53 new articles, reflecting the great diversity of current scholarship in the fields of Islamic Studies.


Edited by Alfred H.A. Soons

The 1713 Peace Of Utrecht and its Enduring Effects, edited by Alfred H.A. Soons, presents an interdisciplinary collection of contributions marking the occasion of the tercentenary of the Peace of Utrecht. The chapters examine the enduring effects of the Peace Treaties concluded at Utrecht in 1713, from the perspectives of international law, history and international relations with cross-cutting themes: the European Balance of Power; the Relationship to Colonial Regimes and Trade Monopolies; and Ideas and Ideals: the Development of the International Legal Order. With contributions by: Peter Beeuwkes, Stella Ghervas, Martti Koskenniemi, Randall Lesaffer, Paul Meerts, Isaac Nakhimovsky, Sundhya Pahuja, Koen Stapelbroek, Benno Teschke, Jaap de Wilde