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Seeking Asylum in the European Union

Selected Protection Issues Raised by the Second Phase of the Common European Asylum System


Edited by Céline Bauloz, Meltem Ineli-Ciger, Sarah Singer and Vladislava Stoyanova

Seeking asylum in the European Union (EU) today is as complex as the EU asylum system itself: the different forms of protection that exist do not remain easily accessible and are sometimes not tailored to the specific protection needs of asylum-seekers. The aim of this volume is to provide critical analyses of selected problems that scholars and policy-makers will have to address in the ‘second phase’ of the Common European Asylum System. A broad range of issues are examined relating to access to and qualification for international protection and the further problems raised by this amended set of asylum instruments which continue to impede asylum-seekers from benefiting from effective protection in EU Member States.

With a foreword by Professor Hélène Lambert.

Human Rights and Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons and Migrant Workers

Essays in Memory of Joan Fitzpatrick and Arthur Helton


Edited by Anne Bayefsky

An extraordinary volume with 28 of the world's leading refugee and human rights scholars and advocates in a wide-ranging examination of the major issues in the field today: the theoretical challenges of international protection; lessons learned from the field including Afghanistan, Iraq and Sudan; jurisprudential responses from courts and treaty bodies on the rights and responsibilities of protection; due process issues from Europe, Canada and the United States, and the special needs of migrant workers. The book brings together a unique group of experts including UNHCR officials, legal academics and practitioners, and uniquely tackles these crucial subjects from the perspectives of theory, legal practice, and advocacy.


Edited by Jan Niessen and Isabelle Chopin

Europe has come a long way at least in the institutional response to racism. This book describes the responses of the Council of Europe and the European Union to the worrying trends of racism and xenophobia in the 1990s, and considers the prospects for combating discrimination in Europe using tools that have emerged as a result. Part one looks at the evolution of the Council of Europe apparatus to combat discrimination and the anti-discrimination standards prescribed by its institutions. Part two considers the legislative measures recently adopted by the European Union. The contributions in Part three take a comparative perspective of all measures adopted at European level to combat racial and ethnic discrimination.

Edited by Jean-Yves Carlier and Dirk Vanheule

This volume emerged from an international colloquium held in April 1995 in Antwerp, Belgium, on the subject of `Europe and Refugees'. It analyses the various challenges posed by the plight of refugees today, paying particular attention to the situation in Europe, and to the new European treaties such as the Dublin Convention, the Schengen Agreement and the Resolutions of the European Union. Europe and Refugees: A Challenge? offers the reader both an international and a multidisciplinary vision. Its contributors come from both within and outside Europe, and are drawn from a large range of disciplines including philosophy, political science and law. This volume contains contributions in English and French.

Ce livre comprend les Actes d'un colloque international qui s'est tenu en avril 1995 à Anvers en Belgique, sur le thème `L'Europe et les réfugiés: un défi?'. Le livre soulève différentes questions qui sont autant de défis liés à la situation contemporaine des réfugiés avec une attention particulière pour cette situation en Europe, notamment dans de nouveaux textes comme la Convention de Dublin, les Accords de Schengen, et les Résolutions au sein de l'Union européenne.
Le livre offre une vision multiple en associant des auteurs de différents endroits en Europe et en Amérique du Nord et de différentes disciplines: philosophie, sciences politiques et droit. Il y a des contributions en anglais et en français.