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The Republic of Cyprus

A Study in International Law


Kypros Chrysostomides

The island of Cyprus has been the scene of one of the most tragic conflicts in post-war Europe. A country with a long and rich tradition and much to contribute to all of the cultures of the Mediterranean, Cyprus has been torn apart almost since the day of its independence. Since 197, more than a third of the island has been occupied by Turkey. Attempts to find a peaceful solution to the conflict has come and gone but the status quo, branded as unacceptable by the United Nations, has remained. Why this is so has already been the subject of many studies. Few, however, have analysed in any detail the position of Cyprus in international law. Yet an understanding of how the rule of law in international society applies to Cyprus is essential to a proper understanding of the Cyprus question.
In his new book, Dr Chrysostomides offers just such an analysis, examining with great care the constitutional history of the Republic of Cyprus, the legal principles applicable to the Turkish invasion of 10974 and subsequent occupation and the substantial body of case law and State practice regarding Cyprus since that date. He discusses the competing legal arguments concerning the application of the Republic of Cyprus to join the European Union, the controversial decisions of the European Court and commission of Human Rights, and the debates regarding the status of the occupied northern part of Cyprus. His conclusion is that the Republic of Cyprus has had a continuous existence as a State – and as the only State on the island of Cyprus – since 1960, notwithstanding all of the violations of international law to which it has been subjected.
From the Foreword by Christopher Greenwood, QC