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An Approach to the Environmental Relations of an Eastern Indonesian Community
This book is about the pattern of settlement and ecology of the Nuaulu, a group of sedentary swidden cultivators and hunters of southcentral Seram (Eastern Indonesia). It has three inter-related aims: to describe and account for nuaulu settlement; to outline and exemplify a suitable method of assessing the fine inter-action of cultural and ecological variables in small scale communities; and to explore the usefulness of a generative form of analysis in this respect. The fieldwork among the Nuaulu was undertaken between December 1969 and May 1971, and again for three months in 1973. After some basic introductory information, the analysis proceeds by first examining the residential component of the settlement patterns in terms of the processes which determine its location, form and composition. Next, the role of non-domesticated resources in local ecology and the processes of settlement generation in the domesticated component of the Nuaulu environment is investigated. In the final section the general theoretical and methodological issues raised in the introduction are examined in the light of the preceeding analysis.
The subject of the present study concerns the relationships between men and women and the composition of household groups among the lower Afro-American strata of the society of Curaçao. The material on which it is based was collected in Curaçao in the course of a 15-month period of fieldwork in 1965 and 1966.
A Structural Analysis of Malay Language Legal Codes from Bengkulu
This study is directed towards providing basic background material for the understanding of South Sumatran social organisation. To this end, four legal codes from the first half of the nineteenth century are presented and analysed. The method used in the analysis is a modification of that used by Levi-Strauss for the analysis of myth. The author concludes by stating: "Out of these detailed analyses the most significant phenomenon to emerge is the fact that a relatively small number of formal properties are distributed through a large number of structures within a single legal code, and because of their formal similarities these structures are mutually reinforcing".