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11 Al-Ghazālī’s “Demarcation of Science”

A Commonplace Apology in the Muslim Reception of Modern Science—and Its Limitations


Martin Riexinger

3 Problems in al-Ghazālī’s Perfect World

Objections and Counter-Objections to His Best Possible World Thesis


Stephen R. Ogden

4 Al-Ghazālī’s Teleology and the Galenic Tradition

Reading The Wisdom in God’s Creations (al-Ḥikma fī makhlūqāt Allah)


Ahmed El Shamsy

5 Al-Ghazālī and Kalām

The Conundrum of His Body-Soul ­Dualism


Ayman Shihadeh

6 Al-Ghazālī’s Veil Section

Comparative Religion before Religionswissenschaft?


Anna Ayşe Akasoy