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Elaine Anderson

The municipality of Delta (British Columbia, Canada) is situated on the outskirts of Vancouver (one of the largest cities in Canada). Delta is part of the Fraser River delta which is essential to the functional integrity of the Pacific Flyway (an internationally significant stopover point for migrating birds). One million migrating and wintering waterfowl and five million shorebirds from Asia, Alaska, and Western Canada use the Fraser River delta for feeding and roosting. Delta also has some of the most fertile soil and one of the longest growing seasons in all of Canada. The Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust (DFWT) was founded in 1993 by local farmers and conservationists as a response to ongoing conflict over agricultural and wildlife resources. Government policies appear to have assisted in the formation and initial development of the DFWT, but there seems to be a lack of government policies that support long-term sustainability of such organizations. Ongoing, consistent, and adequate funding is the biggest challenge facing the DFWT today. The cumulative effect of agro-ecosystem loss in communities around the world has the potential to negatively affect the sustainability of both local and global food systems. The story of the DFWT illustrates how competing interests can work together to enhance both agricultural land and wildlife habitat through a combination of enabling government policy, citizen collaboration, and on-the-ground agri-environmental stewardship.