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Paul F. Grendler


Paul F. Grendler, noted historian of European education, surveys Jesuit schools and universities throughout Europe from the first school founded in 1548 to the suppression of the Society of Jesus in 1773. The Jesuits were famed educators who founded and operated an international network of schools and universities that enrolled students from the age of eight or ten through doctoral studies. The essay analyzes the organization, curriculum, pedagogy, culture, financing, relations with civil authorities, enrollments, and social composition of students in Jesuit pre-university schools. Grendler then examines the different forms of Jesuit universities. The Jesuits did almost all the teaching in small collegiate universities that they governed. In large civic–Jesuit universities the Jesuits taught the humanities, philosophy, and theology, while lay professors taught law and medicine. The article provides examples ranging from the first Jesuit school in Messina, Sicily, to universities across Europe. It features a complete list of Jesuit schools in France.

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The Veiled God

Friedrich Schleiermacher’s Theology of Finitude


Ruth Jackson

In The Veiled God, Ruth Jackson offers a detailed portrait of Friedrich Schleiermacher’s early life, ethics, and theology in its historical and social context. She also critically reflects on the enduring relevance of his work for the study of religion.
The book analyses major texts from Schleiermacher’s early work. It argues that his experiments with literary form convey his understanding that human knowledge is inherently social, and that religion is thoroughly linguistic and historical. The book contends that by making finitude (and not freedom) a universal aspect to human life, Schleiermacher offers rich conceptual resources for considering what it means to be human in this world, both in relations of difference to others, and in relation to the infinite.
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Ästhetik des Performativen und Kontemplation

Zur Relevanz eines kulturwissenschaftlichen Konzepts für die Systematische Theologie

Sibylle Trawöger

Ein konkretes Performativitätskonzept – die „Ästhetik des Performativen“ – wird hinsichtlich ihrer Relevanz für die (Grundlagenreflexion der) Theologie erschlossen.

Der Begriff „Performativität“ wird bereits als „umbrella term“ bezeichnet, worin die implizite Gefahr mitschwingt, dass das Performative aufgrund seiner umspannenden Offenheit für die prägnante Analyse von Phänomenen an Kraft verlieren könnte. Eine verantwortliche Arbeit mit dem Performativen verlangt also, die vielfältigen Ausdifferenzierungen der unterschiedlichen Performativitätskonzepte wahrzunehmen und den spezifischen Kontext des jeweils zur Anwendung gebrachten Konzeptes mitzubedenken. Dem versucht die vorliegende Arbeit gerecht zu werden, indem sie die „Ästhetik des Performativen“ genau beleuchtet.
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Edited by Denise A. Austin, Jacqueline Grey and Paul W. Lewis

Asia Pacific Pentecostalism, edited by Denise A. Austin, Jacqueline Grey, and Paul W. Lewis, yields previously untold stories and interdisciplinary analysis of pioneer foundations, denominational growth, leadership training, contextualisation, and community development across East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania.
Pentecostalism in the Asia Pacific has made an enormous contribution to its global family—from the more visible influence of Yonggi Cho from Korea to the worship revolutions from Australia (particularly associated with Hillsong) and the lesser known missionary activity from Fiji—each region has contributed significantly to global Christianity. Some communities prospered despite hostile environments and wartime devastation. This volume provides a systematic study of the geographical contexts of Asia Pacific Pentecostalism, including historical development, theological influences, and sociological perspectives.
Contributors are: Doreen Alcoran-Benavidez, Dik Allan, Connie Au, Denise A. Austin, Edwardneil Benavidez, John Carter, Michael Chase, Yung Hun Choi, Darin Clements, Shane Clifton, Dynnice Rosanny Engcoy, Michael J. Frost, Luisa J. Gallagher, Sarita D. Gallagher, Kellesi Gore, Adonis Aberlard O. Gorospe, Jacqueline Grey, James Hosack, Ken Huff, Paul W. Lewis, Lim Yeu Chuen, Mathew Mathews, Jason Morris, Nyotxay (pseudonym), Saw Tint Sann Oo, Selena Y. Z. Su, Masakazu Suzuki, Gani Wiyono.
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Genesis and Cosmos

Basil and Origen on Genesis 1 and Cosmology


Adam Rasmussen

In Genesis and Cosmos Adam Rasmussen examines how Basil and Origen addressed scientific problems in their interpretations of Genesis 1. For the first time, he offers an in-depth analysis of Basil’s thinking on three problems in Scripture-and-science: the nature of matter, the super-heavenly water, and astrology. Both theologians worked from the same fundamental perspective that science is the “servant” of Christianity, useful yet subordinate. Rasmussen convincingly shows how Basil used Origen’s writings to construct his own solutions. Only on the question of the water does Basil break with Origen, who allegorized the water. Rasmussen demonstrates how they sought to integrate science and Scripture and thus remain instructive for those engaged in the dialogue between religion and science today.
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Kilian Stumpf SJ

Edited by Paul Rule and Claudia von Collani

The Acta Pekinensia is a Latin manuscript found in the Jesuit Roman Archives. It is a record of the papal legation to China of Charles Maillard de Tournon, from his arrival in China to his death in Macau. It was compiled by Kilian Stumpf, a German Jesuit missionary/scientist serving at the court of the Kangxi Emperor of China. Stumpf was in a privileged position to record day by day the events of this crucial episode not only in the history of Christianity in China but in Chinese-Western relations. This annotated translation provides a full documentation and an acute and lively commentary on the clash of values which resulted in the failure of the legation and the condemnation of Chinese Rites.
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Joanna Cruickshank and Patricia Grimshaw

In White Women, Aboriginal Missions and Australian Settler Governments, Joanna Cruickshank and Patricia Grimshaw provide the first detailed study of the central part that white women played in missions to Aboriginal people in Australia. As Aboriginal people experienced violent dispossession through settler invasion, white mission women were positioned as ‘mothers’ who could protect, nurture and ‘civilise’ Aboriginal people. In this position, missionary women found themselves continuously navigating the often-contradictory demands of their own intentions, of Aboriginal expectations and of settler government policies. Through detailed studies that draw on rich archival sources, this book provides a new perspective on the history of missions in Australia and also offers new frameworks for understanding the exercise of power by missionary women in colonial contexts.
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Hunger, Armut, Soziale Frage

Sozialkatholische Ordnungsdiskurse im Deutschen Kaiserreich 1871-1918

Christina Riese

Mit der Industrialisierung endeten die klassischen Hungerkrisen. Hunger blieb aber ein Problem besonders für Arbeiter*innen. Wie gingen katholische Bürger mit dieser Herausforderung um? Wie kommunizierten sie darüber? Welche Institutionen gründeten sie? Welche Gesellschaftsbilder hatten sie?
Die Studie untersucht die sozialkatholischen Ordnungsdiskurse, die innerhalb des Milieus geführt wurden. Sie geht von der Beobachtung aus, dass Unter- und Mangelernährung in der Industriegesellschaft des Kaiserreichs brisantes Bedrohungspotential für die herrschenden Ordnungsvorstellungen hatte. Die Studie kann zeigen, dass die katholische Diagnose zerfallender Ordnung erheblich zum inneren Zusammenhalt des Milieus beitrug. Deutlich wird dies an den verschiedenen Orten, die in der Studie analysiert werden: von den Katholikentagen, über die vinzentinischen Vereine und Arbeitervereine bis hin zur Caritas.

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Karl Forster (1928–1981)

Katholizismus in der politischen Kultur der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Simon Oelgemöller

Karl Forster, Priester, Kirchenpolitiker und Pastoraltheologe, war eine herausragende Gestalt des bundesdeutschen Katholizismus. In den 1960er Jahren trieb er an den Schnittstellen zwischen politischer Kultur und Kirche deren Öffnung maßgeblich voran.
Als Gründungsdirektor der Katholischen Akademie in Bayern zählte er zu den Wegbereitern des Dialogs mit der SPD. In den nachkonziliaren Richtungsstreitigkeiten setzte er sich als Sekretär der Deutschen Bischofskonferenz und Mitorganisator der „Würzburger Synode“ für einen Ausgleich in bildungspolitischen Fragen und für Mitverantwortung von Laien in der Kirche ein. Als Pastoraltheologe beschritt er neue Wege in der Kirchensoziologie. Erstmals werden sein Leben und Wirken quellennah nachgezeichnet.

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Theology of Religions

Through the Lens of ‘Truth-as-Openness’


Graham Adams

In Theology of Religions<\i> Graham Adams maps and analyses the field of ‘theology of religions’ (ToR) and its various typologies, examining the assumptions in how religion is assessed. The purpose is to identify how contributions to ToR select and deselect material and trajectories, editing according to presuppositions and interests. Adams’ analysis consciously relies on Andrew Shanks’ Hegelian notion of ‘truth-as-openness’ (divine hospitality) as it illuminates three dynamics, or ‘scandals’, within ToR. The first, concerned with how a religion’s particularity or identity is constructed, is subdivided between ‘particularity transcended’ and ‘particularity re-centred’, along the lines of Jenny Daggers’ postcolonial insights. The second concerns the interactions when one religion engages an Other’s strangeness, and the third is concerned with how religions aim to transform socio-political systems that feign or obstruct universality, so as to effect ever greater solidarity. The text notes key trends, beyond Christianity and including deepening interdisciplinarity, and potential developments from a critical but constructive standpoint.