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Quodvultdeus: a Bishop Forming Christians in Vandal Africa

A Contextual Analysis of the Pre-baptismal Sermons attributed to Quodvultdeus of Carthage


David Vopřada

In Quodvultdeus: a Bishop Forming Christians in Vandal Africa, David Vopřada presents the pre-baptismal catecheses of the fifth-century bishop of Carthage, delivered to the new believers in extremely difficult period of barbaric incursions. Quodvultdeus is generally not appraised as an original philosopher or theologian as his master Augustine was, in this book his qualities of a bishop who was entrusted with the care of his flock come forward. Making interdisciplinary use of the ancient and ecclesiastical history, philosophy, theology, archaeology, exegesis, liturgy science, homiletics, and rhetorics, the book offers a new and most innovative contribution to the life, work, and theology of Quodvultdeus.

VII-5 Ordinis septimi tomus quintus

Paraphrasis in omneis epistolas apostolicas – Pars secundus


Desiderius Erasmus

Edited by Miekske Poll-van de Lisdonk

This volume in the ASD series (VII, 5) contains the second part of Erasmus’ Paraphrases on the apostolic letters of the New Testament. This is the first scientific edition of these paraphrases, including an introduction, a critical text and annotations. It gives insight in Erasmus’ theological views as he presented them for a more general audience. To the critical Latin text commentaries have been added in which the sources Erasmus possibly used are mentioned. Moreover, explanations on relevant philological, theological and historical questions are given that are necessary for the comprehension of the Latin text.

Dieses Band in der Reihe ASD (VII, 5) enthält der zweite Teil von Erasmus' Paraphrasis zur apostolische Briefe des Neuen Testaments. Diese ist die erste wissenschaftliche Edition dieser Parafrasen, mit Einleitung, kritischem Text und Kommentar. Es erleuchtet Erasmus' theologische Einsichten von ihm präsentiert an einem generellen Publikum. Der bereinigte und kritisch edierte lateinische Text ist mit Kommentar versehen, in dem die von Erasmus möglich herangezogenen Quellen verarbeitet sind. Dazu kommen Erläuterungen zu den relevanten philologischen, theologischen und historischen Fragen, die zum Begriff des gebotenen lateinischen Textes unentbehrlich sind.

Will, Action and Freedom

Christological Controversies in the Seventh Century


Cyril Hovorun

Such important issues of the modern thought as freedom, will, and action have their roots not only in classical philosophy, but also in early Christian theology. The book aims to fill a gap in our knowledge about the theological roots of the issues mentioned. The author explores Christological contests of the 7th century on the issues of will and actions (energy) in Christ. The main source for the research are the acts of the western and eastern Church councils and writings of the most prominent theologians of the time. The author also thoroughly examines the preceding theological traditions associated with the names of Apollinarius of Laodicea, Theodore of Mopsuestia, Cyril of Alexandria and Severus of Antioch.