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Light upon Light: Essays in Islamic Thought and History in Honor of Gerhard Bowering brings together studies that explore the richness of Islamic intellectual life in the pre-modern period. Leading scholars around the world present nineteen studies that explore diverse areas of Islamic Studies, in honor of a renowned scholar and teacher: Professor Dr. Gerhard Bowering (Yale University). The volume includes contributions in four main areas: (1) Quran and Early Islam; (2) Sufism, Shiʿism, and Esotericism; (3) Philosophy; (4) Literature and Culture. These areas reflect the enormous breadth of Professor Bowering’s contributions to the field over a lifetime of scholarship, teaching, and mentoring.

Contributors: Hussein Ali Abdulsater, Mushegh Asatryan, Shahzad Bashir, Jonathan Brockopp, Yousef Casewit, Jamal Elias, Janis Esots, Li Guo, Matthew Ingalls, Tariq Jaffer, Mareike Koertner, Joseph Lumbard, Matthew Melvin-Koushki, Mahan Mirza, Bilal Orfali, Gabriel Reynolds, Nada Saab, Amina Steinfels & Alexander Treiger.
La pensée sérielle : du Moyen Age aux Lumières se propose d’étudier le phénomène discursif de la série, du Moyen Age à la première modernité. Le volume enrichit nos connaissances sur la façon dont la notion de série – actualisée entre autres sous la forme des sept vices et vertus, des cinq sens, de l’hexaëmeron - a été pensée et mise en forme dans les écrits philosophiques et littéraires et, de manière moins exhaustive, dans la peinture et la musique. Une réflexion méthodologique et théorique introduit le volume, offrant de nouvelles pistes scientifiques.

La pensée sérielle : du Moyen Age aux Lumières, a collection of essays edited by Anne-Marie De Gendt and Alicia C. Montoya, proposes to study the discursive phenomenon of the series, from the Middle Ages to early modernity. The volume sheds light on the way the concept of the series – manifested among others through the seven vices and virtues, the five senses, or the Hexameron – has been thought and formalized in philosophical and literary texts and, to a lesser extent, in music and the visual arts. A methodological and theoretical reflection introduces the volume, offering new scholarly approaches to the phenomenon.
Early German Romanticism has long been acknowledged as a major literary movement, but only recently have scholars appreciated its philosophical significance as well. This collection of original essays showcases not only the philosophical achievements of early German Romantic writers such as Friedrich Schlegel and Novalis, but also the sophistication, contemporary relevance, and wide-ranging influence of their philosophical contributions. This volume will be of interest both to students looking for an introduction to romanticism as well as to scholars seeking to discover new facets of the movement – a romantic perspective on topics ranging from mathematics to mythology, from nature to literature and language. This volume bears testimony to the enduring and persistent modernity of early German Romantic philosophy.