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Luisa Menano and Patricia Fidalgo

Anthony N. Hill

Art and Technology

The Practice and Influence of Art and Technology in Education

Edited by Luisa Menano and Patricia Fidalgo

The challenge of how to integrate art and technology in education faces educators all around the world. Approaches for addressing this challenge in ways that enhance the learner’s educational experience can be found in different cultures and in different disciplines. Embracing the idea of collaboration among art and technology educators and practitioners, was what Menano and Fidalgo proposed to the authors of the chapters in this book. This book presents ideas that help educators to re-evaluate and re-think how to approach art and technology in the educational setting and offers solutions to develop new experiences for students and communities.
Each chapter presents teaching practices and successful activities that address the challenges facing art and technology education professionals. Along with descriptions of the learners, the settings, the schools and the communities in which they work, the authors share their thoughts and concerns about the changing educational landscape around them. The authors are respected and experienced instructors who are engaged with the use of art and technology and each chapter reflects the authors’ diverse practices, their students at different educational levels, and the different educational and socio-cultural contexts in which the learning and teaching takes place. The authors hope that the varied approaches presented in this book will motivate educators to connect beyond the classroom as well as to embrace new strategies and think more creatively and broadly about educational practices.

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