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VIII-1 Ordinis octavi tomus primus

Textus ad patres ecclesiae


C.S.M. (Cor) Rademaker SSCC, Aza Goudriaan, André Godin, Silvana Seidel Menchi, Claudia Ricci and Anna Morisi Guerra

This volume in the ASD series (VIII, 1) publishes texts by Erasmus related to the Fathers of the Church. He himself considered this one of his major contributions to Christianity and the Church. He edited many Fathers and wrote Vitae of three theologians: John Chrysostom, Origen and, his most important one, Jerome. He gives a portrait of the theologians and his view on them, but also a kind of self-portrait. He also forged a text himself: ‘Cyprian’s De duplici martyrio’. His many editions of the Church Fathers and other theologians contain prefaces which provide us with information about the theologians, and with remarks on Erasmus’ view on them. Thus, we get a clearer view of Erasmus and his theology.

Theodoret, De Graecarum affectionum curatione

Heilung der griechischen Krankheiten


Edited by Clemens Scholten

The treatise “De Graecarum affectionum curatione” (Therapeia of the Greek Maladies) is considered a highlight of Christian apologetic literature. Bishop Theodoret of Cyrrhus(ca AD 393 - ca AD 460) disputes the prejudice that the Christian faith was incompatible with classical education and civilization. He shows the integrating ability of globally aligned Christianity to establish peaceful local communities. The Greek tradition itself demonstrates the truth of Christianity.
The text is placed in the context of Theodoret’s life and works. Its literary character, place in Christian apologetics, sources, cultural and historical context, and the possibility that Syrian Antioch was its place of origin are all examined. The present edition contains the critical text by Raeder and a German translation with notes.

Die Schrift „De Graecarum affectionum curatione“ (Heilung der griechischen Krankheiten) ist ein Höhe¬punkt der Apologetik der Alten Kirche. Theodoret (circa 393 – circa 460), Bischof von Kyrrhos, tritt dem Vorurteil entgegen, Glaube und Lebensführung der Christen vertrügen sich nicht mit klassischer Bildung und Gesittung. Er wirbt für die integrative Fähigkeit des global ausgerichteten Christentums, friedliche lokale Ge¬meinschaften eta¬blieren zu können. Die griechische Tradition selbst bezeuge die Wahrheit des Christentums.
Die Schrift wird in Leben und Werk Theodorets eingeordnet, ihre literarische Eigenart, ihr Platz in der christlichen Apologetik, ihre Quellen, ihr soziales und historisches Umfeld und Antiochien als möglicher Entstehungsort werden untersucht. Die vorliegende Ausgabe enthält den kritischen Text von Raeder und eine deutsche Übersetzung mit kommentierenden Anmerkungen.

Proba the Prophet

The Christian Virgilian Cento of Faltonia Betitia Proba


Sigrid Schottenius Cullhed

In Proba the Prophet: The Christian Virgilian Cento of Faltonia Betitia Proba Sigrid Schottenius Cullhed offers an in-depth study and reappraisal of the Cento of Proba and its reception. Proba's poem belongs to the few extant Latin texts from Antiquity penned by a woman writer, and one of the oldest Christian Latin poems. Schottenius Cullhed surveys and challenges common preconceptions and biographical constructions of the poem's author and early readers, and examines their impact on interpretations and evaluations of the text. The author also develops and puts to use an alternative model for understanding the poem and convincingly shows how the Virgilian source texts form a complex net of internal and external biblical typologies within the Cento.