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11 Ordam Mazar

A Meeting Place for Different Practices and Belief Systems in Culturally Diverse Xinjiang


Rahile Dawut

13 “Keep the wealth within the family”

Cousin Marriage and Swedish Uncles in Kashgar


Rune Steenberg

14 “A man works on the land, a woman works for her man”

Building on Jarring’s Fascination with Eastern Turki Proverbs


Dilmurat Mahmut and Joanne Smith Finley

6 Muslims at the Yamen Gate

Translating Justice in Late-Qing Xinjiang


Eric T. Schluessel

7 Models and Realities

Aspects of Format in Real Estate Deeds under Conditions of Legal Pluralism in Xinjiang


Jun Sugawara

8 Muslim Reformism in Xinjiang

Reading the Newspaper Yengī Ḥayāt (1934–1937)


Alexandre Papas

9 Defining the Past and Shaping the Future

Reflections on Xinjiang Narratives, Uyghur-Han-Hui Relations, and the Perspectives of Research


Fredrik Fällman