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Authors: KONG Fanzhe and SHI Ningzhong

Teachers and textbooks are two important elements in curriculum implementation. Based on Concerns-Based Adoption Model (CBAM), a curriculum implementation measurement model designed by G. Hall and S. M. Hord, this paper analyzes the general process of curriculum implementation in terms of textbook use, establishes a model that gauges the level of textbook use and thus improves TC component check list designed by S. M. Hord. By studying five primary school math teachers, this paper measures their level of textbook use and makes a relevant comparative analysis. The result shows that the level of textbook use model is valid and accurate, and could therefore help improve teacher’s skill of textbook use and their professional development.

In: Frontiers of Education in China
In: Chinese Research Perspectives on Education, Volume 3
In: The History and Theory of Legal Practice in China
In: Feng Menglong's Treasury of Laughs
In: Naturopathy in South India
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