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In: The Vulnerability of Teaching and Learning in a Selfie Society
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Inequalities in training for reasons of geographic, ethnic or social origin and in relation to job opportunities, salaries and incomes are critical dimensions of social exclusion. To combat the permanent nature of such exclusion, it is essential to develop educational policies and actions to extend access to opportunities. ACCESS4ALL is an Erasmus+ project which main aim is to promote the educational and social inclusion of underrepresented groups as well as of non-traditional learners, thereby broadly satisfying one of the main priorities of the European Union (i.e., the improvement of the capacities of organisations active in the fields of education, training and youth, notably in the areas of strategic development, quality of learning provision, equity and inclusion, and qualitative and targeted activities for specific groups) and clearly addressing one of the important features of the Erasmus+ programme: promoting equity and inclusion by providing access to learners who are from disadvantaged backgrounds and have fewer opportunities compared to their peers. ACCESS4ALL addresses those needs by designing an operational framework that systematises, orders and promotes the effective development of actions to promote access and retention for underrepresented groups and non-traditional learners in Europe: the A4A Toolkit.

In: The Social Dimension of Higher Education in Europe