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Tommy Dreyfus and John Monaghan

Abstraction, re-presentation, and reflection

An interpretation of experience and of Piaget’s approach


Marie Larochelle, Edith Ackermann, Gérard Fourez, Jacques Désautels, Leslie P. Steffe and Kenneth Tobin

Uwe Gellert and Eva Jablonka


Linda Galligan and Janet A. Taylor

This chapter focuses on adults learning mathematics in two distinct sections: adults learning mathematics in the workplace and community; and adults engaged in further studies (e.g., university or vocational studies) including bridging mathematics. In this review, research available on adults in basic numeracy education through to those gaining access to or supported at university study involving mathematics in a variety of forms is investigated. Consideration is also given to relevant definitions of adult, mathematics, and numeracy, and to the relationship between research into learning and research into teaching practices or curriculum design. It is concluded that the area of adults learning mathematics is still under-theorised and under-researched at a time when 21st century needs demand a population with increasing numeracybased skills and knowledge.