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Material Evidence and Narrative Sources

Interdisciplinary Studies of the History of the Muslim Middle East


Edited by Daniella J. Talmon-Heller and Katia Cytryn-Silverman

This book is a collected volume that crosses traditional boundaries between methodologies. Each of its sixteen articles is based on imaginative combinations of data provided by excavations, artifacts, monuments, urban topography, rural layouts, historical narratives and/or archival records. The volume as a whole demonstrates the effectiveness of interdisciplinary research applied to historical, cultural and archaeological problems. Its five sections - Economics and Trade, Governmental Authority, Material Culture, Changing Landscapes, and Monuments – bring forth original studies of the medieval, Ottoman and modern Middle East, amongst others, of voiceless and silenced social groups.

Contributors are: Nitzan Amitai-Preiss, Jere L. Bacharach, Simonetta Calderini, Delia Cortese, Katia Cytryn-Silverman, Miriam Frenkel, Haim Goldfus, Hani Hamza, Stefan Heidemann, Miriam Kühn, Ayala Lester, Nimrod Luz, Yoram Meital, Daphna Sharef-Davidovich, Oren Shmueli, Yasser Tabbaa, Daniella Talmon-Heller, and Bethany Walker.

The Caucasian Archaeology of the Holy Land

Armenian, Georgian and Albanian communities between the fourth and eleventh centuries CE


Yana Tchekhanovets

The Caucasian Archaeology of the Holy Land investigates the complete corpus of available literary, epigraphic and archaeological evidence of the Armenian, Georgian and Caucasian Albanian Christian communities’ activity in the Holy Land during the Byzantine and the Early Islamic periods. This book presents the first integrated approach to a wide variety of literary sources and archaeological evidence, previously unpublished or revised. The study explores the place of each of these Caucasian communities in ancient Palestine through a synthesis of literary and material evidence and seeks to understand the interrelations between them and the influence they had on the national churches of the Caucasus.

Recovering Beirut

Urban Design and Post-War Reconstruction


Edited by Samir Khalaf and Khoury

Recovering Beirut, the result of a workshop organised by the Center for International Studies at MIT on urban planning and socio-economic reconstruction in post-war Lebanon, brings together established professors, young scholars, architects, town planners and entrepreneurs to explore the problems of and prospects for urban planning and to consider visions and strategies for the reconstruction of Lebanon after sixteen years of civil war.
This fascinating volume, which opens with an introduction by the eminent scholar Richard Sennett, engages in multi-layered discussion of the problems of spatial, socio-economic and cultural rehabilitation of a fractured social order in the throes of post-war reconstruction. It contains 82 illustrations underlining the impact of the study.