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In Communes and Conflict, Jan Dumolyn and Jelle Haemers explore the urban rebellions that regularly erupted in Flanders between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries. They analyse not only how these rebellions were sparked and repressed, but also how they shaped the culture and identity of Flemish townspeople. Drawing from a wide range of theoretical methods and concepts, including those of discourse analysis, semiotics, speech acts, collective memory and material cultural studies, the authors return to key Marxist questions on ideology, labour and class interest to map the perspectives of the rebels, the urban patriciate and the Flemish and Burgundian nobility.
Transnational Perspectives on Premodern Literature in the Low Countries, 1200-1800
This volume explores the indispensability of a transnational perspective for the construction and writing of literary histories of the Low Countries from 1200-1800. It looks at the role of mediators such as translators, printers, and editors, at characteristics of literary genres and the possibilities they offered for literary boundary crossing and adaptation, and at the role of regions and urban centres as multilingual hubs. This collection demonstrates the centrality of transnational perspectives for elucidating the complex inter-relationship between Netherlandic and European literary history. The Low Countries were a dynamic site for new literary production and transnational exchange that shaped and reshaped the intellectual landscape of premodern Europe.

Contributors include: Lia van Gemert, Lucas van der Deijl, Feike Dietz, Paul Wackers, David Napolitano, James A. Parente, Jr., Frank Willaert, Youri Desplenter, Bart Besamusca, Frans R.E. Blom, Kornee van der Haven, and Jan Bloemendal.
This edition contains quaestiones 1-5 of book III of the commentary on the Sentences, by Marsilius of Inghen (†1396), the founding rector and first doctor of theology of the University of Heidelberg. These questions are devoted to the Christology, Mariology, and Trinitology, and deal with the issue of the Incarnation of Christ, with quaestiones 1-3 considering it in relation to the individual Persons of the Trinity, and quaestiones 4-5 in relation to the Blessed Virgin Mary. In all questions, Marsilius advocates the via media of sound faith, even above any school traditions.