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In early modern Japan, upper status groups coveted pills and powders made of exotic foreign ingredients such as mummy and rhinoceros horn. By the early twentieth century, over-the-counter-patent medicines, and, more alarmingly, morphine, had become mass commodities, fueling debates over opiates in Japan’s expanding imperial territories.
The fall of the empire and the occupation of Japan by the United States created conditions favorable for heroin use, followed, in time, by glue sniffing and psychedelic mushroom ingestion.
By illuminating the neglected history of drugs, this volume highlights both the transnational embeddedness and national peculiarities of the “politics of consumption” in Japan.
Contributors are: Anna Andreeva, Oleg Benesch, William G. Clarence-Smith, Hung Bin Hsu, John Jennings, Miriam Kingsberg Kadia, William Marotti, Kōji Ozaki, Jonas Rüegg, Jesús Solís, Christopher W.A. Szpilman, Judith Vitale, and Timothy Yang.
Redactie: H.A.M. Snelders, M.J. van Lieburg, L.C. Palm, R.P.W. Visser

No longer published by Editions Rodopi.
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Scientific Instruments and Collections is a peer-reviewed book series devoted to scientific instruments, collections of scientific instruments, instrument manufacturing and trade from antiquity to present day. The series is published under the auspices of the Scientific Instrument Commission, and will publish a peer-reviewed, edited selection of the Commission’s annual conferences. The series welcomes proposals for monographs, edited volumes and completed manuscripts for consideration for the series.

Scientific Instruments and Collections was published as a subseries of History of Science and Medicine Library; 5 volumes appeared as part of that subseries.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts by email to the publisher Stefan Einarson or to the series editor Dr. A.D. Morrison-Low (National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh).
For information on how to submit a book proposal, please consult the Brill Author Guide.
Studies in the Representation of Physical and Mental Suffering
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Why is it so difficult to talk about pain? As we do today, the Greeks and Romans struggled to communicate their pain: this required a rich and subtle vocabulary which had to be developed over time. Pain Narratives traces the development of this language in literary, philosophical, and medical texts from across antiquity: poets, physicians, and philosophers contributed to an ever-growing lexicon to articulate their own and others’ feelings. The essays within this volume uncover the expanding Greco-Roman vocabulary of pain, analyse the medical discussions on pain symptoms, and explore the religious reinterpretations of pain concepts in late antiquity.
As of Volume 4 series is no longer published by Editions Rodopi.
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The bookseries The Medical Works of Moses Maimonides aims to provide critical editions of all the medical works by the famous rabbi, philosopher and medical doctor Moses Maimonides (1138-1204). The series is part of an ongoing project. Volumes 1-10 were published by Brigham Young University Press. ACADEMIC BOARD Gerrit Bos (University of Cologne) Lawrence I. Conrad (University of Hamburg) Alfred I. Ivry (New York University) Y. Tzvi Langermann (Bar Ilan University, Israel) Michael R. McVaugh (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Psychologie im Ersten Weltkrieg in Großbritannien und Deutschland
Der Erste Weltkrieg mit seinen ungeheuren militärischen, industriellen und medizinisch-psychologischen Anforderungen an die kriegführenden Parteien verhalf der Psychologie als junger Wissenschaft zu bis dahin unbekannter Bedeutung. Kriegstraumata, industrielle und diagnostische Aufgaben erforderten nun neue Therapiemethoden, neue diagnostische Verfahren und Methoden. In dieser Notlage eröffneten sich Möglichkeiten für Psychologen, bekannte Strategien in großem Umfang zu erproben, aber auch neue praktische Verfahren zu entwickeln und Freiräume zu nutzen. In Großbritannien waren es vor allem die psychoanalytisch arbeitenden Militärpsychologen Rivers, Meyers und Brown und die Arbeit in der Industrie, die den in der British Psychological Society organisierten Forschern Anerkennung verschaffte. In Deutschland arbeiteten die Psychologen und Mitglieder der Gesellschaft für Experimentelle Psychologie vor allem in der Psychotechnik und militärpsychologischen Diagnostik.
Oliver Kahl and Henrietta Sharp Cockrell present a facsimile edition of a newly discovered medieval medical text attributed to the famous physician Abū Bakr Muḥammad ibn Zakariyyāʾ al-Rāzī (Rhazes, d. 925 CE). This unique Arabic manuscript comprises a work in the health regimen genre titled “Book of the Crown” (Kitāb al-Iklīl). Copied in 1220 CE and bound parallel to the text (flip-bound), it is highly unusual, both in terms of physical appearance and topical choices. The edition is accompanied by an annotated English translation en regard, a detailed introduction including a codicological study, and bilingual indices.
Science and Society in the Sanskrit World contains seventeen essays that cover a kaleidoscopic array of classical Sanskrit scientific disciplines, such as the astral sciences, grammar, jurisprudence, theology, and hermeneutics. The volume foregrounds a unifying theme to Christopher Z. Minkowski’s intellectual oeuvre: that scholars’ scientific endeavors are inseparable from the social worlds that shaped those scholars’ lives.
Contributors are: Anne Blackburn, Johannes Bronkhorst, Jonathan Duquette, Robert Goldman, Setsuro Ikeyama, Stephanie Jamison, Takanori Kusuba, John Lowe, Clemency Montelle, Valters Negribs, Rosalind O'Hanlon, Patrick Olivelle, Deven Patel, Kim Plofker, Frederick Smith, Barbora Sojkova, Thomas Trautmann, Elizabeth Tucker, Anand Venkatkrishnan, and Dominik Wujastyk.