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Marxist Perspectives on Capitalism and Technology
Much has been written about the prospects of automation in recent years. While many have raised concerns over the threat of technological mass unemployment, others have anticipated a fully automated communist utopia which will provide material abundance to everyone. (De)Automating the Future gathers chapters that critically investigate automation’s ambivalences from inter-disciplinary Marxist perspectives. The contributions raise questions about automation’s affordances for postcapitalism, its transformation of manual and mental labour, and its role in the intensification of class antagonisms and exploitation.
In EU Anti-Corruption Efforts in the Eastern Neighbourhood, Mihai-Razvan Corman provides a fresh and original legal analysis of the EU’s capability to tackle this complex and multi-facetted phenomenon beyond its borders. Key legal instruments and mechanisms from the external dimension are examined and contrasted to the EU’s anti-corruption arsenal towards Member States. Special attention is dedicated to the EU’s anti-corruption capability in the areas of organized and cross-border crime, public procurement and political party financing. In particular, this book focuses on the implications of the EU’s internal capability for its external efforts. It also explores to what extent there is a gap between the EU’s high ambitions of tackling corruption in the Eastern Neighbourhood and its actual legal capability. While EU anti-corruption efforts in Moldova serve as a crucial case study, its engagement in the other candidate countries from the EaP is also incorporated in the analysis.
Selected Writings by John Weeks in the Marxist Tradition
John Weeks (1941-2020) was one of the most prominent Marxist economists of his generation. His writings inspired many activists and socialist economists around the world. This book brings together a selection of his writings engaging with and developing the Marxist tradition. These essays examine theoretical issues, directly building on Karl Marx’s work, as well as practical and political issues, engaging with transformative and revolutionary activity. The essays included in this book are now made available to a new generation of critics of capitalism.
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Karl Marx wrote extensively on crisis but never presented a coherent theory of crisis. Samezo Kuruma, a Japanese Marxian economist, aimed to complete Marx’s unfinished theory.
Starting from Marx’s observation that the crises of the world market are the 'real concentration and forcible adjustment of all the contradictions of the bourgeois economy', Kuruma seeks to grasp the inherent contradictions that drive forward and limit capitalism. His focus on the contradictory dynamics of capitalism sets him apart from Marxian thinkers who try to identify a single, primary cause of crisis. This volume brings together all of his writings related to crisis.
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Honouring David Fasenfest, who has not only conducted research spanning contexts from Detroit to Shanghai but is also a long-standing editor both of a social science journal and of its related book series, this festschrift addresses issues central to political economy. These range from globalization, employment, migration, social justice, inequality, race/class, and urban poverty to Marxist theory, democracy, capitalism, neoliberalism, and socialism. In keeping with the editorial policy and ideas pursued by the honorand, the contributions emphasize the continuing need on the part of sociology to adopt a radically critical investigative approach to all these issues.

Contributors are: Hideo Aoki, Tom Brass, Michael Burawoy, Rodney D. Coates, Kevin R. Cox, Raju J. Das, Ricardo A. Dello Buono, Mahito Hayashi, Lauren Langman, Robert Latham, Ngai Pun and Alfredo Saad-Filho.